Top 10: Women in Procurement in the UK & Europe

To continue celebrating our Top 100 Women in Procurement 2024, Procurement Magazine looks at the UK & Europe leaders who are reshaping their specialism

Procurement Magazine recently published its Top 100 Women in Procurement 2024 supplement, celebrating the influential leaders and pioneers who continue to make game-changing contributions to their specialism. 

Here, we take a look at the executives in the UK and Europe who are leading the way when it comes to strategy, investment, innovation and beyond. 

10. Noemie Malige

Company: TotalEnergies
Revenue: US$237.1bn
Employees: 102,579

Currently working as the Vice President of Procurement Strategy and Performance, Noémie Malige has been integral to the successful operations at TotalEnergies for the last 23 years. She is in charge of finance, procurement performance and strategy, IT and digital, communication, training, compliance and procurement factory.

Noemie Malige - VP of Procurement Strategy and Performance at TotalEnergies

9. Annie Brown

Company: WPP
Revenue: US$19bn
Employees: 114,000

Annie Brown specialises in defining strategic objectives and identifying the programmes needed to embed impactful and sustainable change. Known as a highly talented procurement professional with a passion for driving and releasing commercial opportunities, Annie Brown is the Chief Procurement Officer at WPP.

Annie Brown - Chief Procurement Office at WPP

8. Samantha Covell

Company: Genpact
Revenue: US$4bn
Employees: 129,000

As the former Chief Procurement Officer at Genpact, Samantha Covell's expertise lies in developing innovative sourcing strategies that deliver measurable outcomes for the business. Having worked for the likes of AstraZeneca and BT, Samantha is a recognized procurement expert

7. Ellen Gärtner

Company: Lufthansa Group
Revenue: US$39bn
Employees: 97,000

Ellen Gärtner has been vital to the operations of Lufthansa for the last 16 years. Having started as a Sales Manager, Ellen rose through the company and is now the Chief Procurement Officer and Senior Vice President of Procurement, and is known as an influential leader in the procurement industry.

Ellen Gärtner - Chief Procurement Officer at Lufthansa Group

6. Anna Spinelli

Company: DHL Group
Revenue: US$89bn
Employees: 594,000

Holding a track record of driving transformation while enhancing performance and sustainability, Anna Spinelli is passionate about meaningful supplier relationships, and is committed to building competitive ecosystems in her role as Chief Procurement Officer and Head of Mobility at DHL. 

5. Lisbeth Buschkühl

Company: E.ON
Revenue: US$126bn
Employees: 72,000

Having started with E.ON as a trainee graduate, Lisbeth Buschkühl has worked across the energy company for the past 16 years. Lisbeth is the Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Chief Procurement Officer.  

Lisbeth Buschkühl - Senior Vice President Supply Chain and Chief Procurement Officer at E.ON

4. Florence Tinsley-Roy

Company: PwC
Revenue: US$53bn
Employees: 364,000

Florence Tinsley-Roy is the Global Chief Procurement Officer at PwC, specialising in procurement transformation, change management, offshoring, outsourcing, negotiations and vendor management. Florence has dedicated her career of 30 years to the procurement industry, having worked for Unisys, Fujitsu, Kingfisher, Barclays, AstraZeneca and EY. 

Florence Tinsley-Roy - Global Chief Procurement Officer at PwC

3. Alexandra Hammond

Company: NHS England
Revenue: US$30bn Procurement Spend
Employees: 15,172

Alexandra Hammond took on the role of Head of Sustainable Procurement and Supply Chain at NHS England in 2021. In her role, Alexandra is responsible for the delivery of supply chain decarbonisation across the NHS' entire supplier ecosystem, as well as working with the wide system to deliver meaningful change 

"I want to leave a legacy - to leave the world better for my future generations by making a positive impact in my workplace and the work I do,” Alexandra said. 
“In my current role, I am taking this agenda further with social value" 

Alexandra Hammond - Head of Sustainable Procurement and Supply Chain at NHS England

2.  Aurelia Tremblaye

Company: ENGIE
Revenue: US$90bn
Employees: 97,300

Currently working as the Senior Vice President and Group Chief Procurement Officer of ENGIE after joining the company in 2021, Aurelia Tremblaye has built her career in the procurement industry over the last 18 years, having worked for the likes of GE and Atos

Aurelia's specialities include software, category management, IT, subcontracting, outsourcing, supply chain management and corporate sourcing.

"The mission of ENGIE's Procurement function is to support our group's performance, sustainability and competitiveness, through the selection of performing, innovative suppliers which have a positive impact on people and the planet,” Aurélia added. 

Aurélia Tremblaye - SVP and Group Chief Procurement Officer at ENGIE

1. Patricia Stroup

Company: Nestlé
Revenue: US$103bn
Employees: 270,000

Patricia Stroup has been an instrumental leader in the procurement and sourcing industry over the past two decades. Leading the sourcing of diverse materials and services for one of the world's largest food and beverage companies - Nestlé.

In her role as Chief Procurement Officer, Stroup is committed to transforming the sourcing of key commodities, not only for Nestlé, but for the entire food value chain. 

Patricia believes in forging diverse relationship with teams of international experts to bring together priorities on social responsibility, environmental impact, business results and build long-term partnerships.

"What a fantastic group of women leaders,” Patricia said.
“They are not here because they are women, they are here because they are really good at what they do. I am proud to be included in their ranks."

Patricia Stroup - Chief Executive Officer and Chief Procurement Officer at Nestlé

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