Top 12: 2023 Procurement Magazine cover review

Procurement Magazine reflects on its cover stories over the past year, including Mars, Vodafone, G4S, UPS, and more…

January - Vodafone Procurement Company leads way on strategy and ESG

January 2023

Magazine: January 2023

Starting page: 26 

Featuring: Ninian Wilson

Vodafone was among the first organisations to see procurement as something more than a mere cost control centre – eleven years before the supply chain shocks of the pandemic prompted organisations the world over to follow suit.

Vodafone was among the first organisations to see procurement as something more than a mere cost control centre – eleven years before the supply chain shocks of the pandemic prompted organisations the world over to follow suit.

Our cover story for January featured Ninian Wilson, Global Supply Chain Director & CEO of Vodafone Procurement Company. Wilson deep dives into why problems are an opportunity to create a competitive advantage.

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February - GfK: Helping the helper transform

February 2023

Magazine: February 2023

Starting page: 24

Featuring: Suki Becker

Two years ago, GfK had several different contract databases for leases and the way of storing contracts was different. The company then streamlined these by moving to a  modern building lease contract database.

At the same time, GfK executed a tender for the procurement contract database to enable a single, integrated system for storing contracts, which are now readily available to the team; an e-sourcing tool to move away from email exchanges with suppliers; and a supplier-management tool, where they could send questionnaires to the suppliers and collect data relevant to their onboarding onto their system.

Deep-diving into the company’s introduction of new procurement tools and processes, Suki Becker, Vice President Procurement and Real Estate of GfK discusses her experience of being a lead in procurement and sustainability transformation. 

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March - G4S: Embedding sustainable procurement at G4S

March 2023

Magazine: March 2023

Starting page: 28

Featuring: Jon Willescroft

Search the term ‘G4S personnel’ in Google images and the result is startling: screen upon screen of vigilant security staff clad in armoured clothing, many of whom are armed. They are protecting everything from gas and oil plants in troubled regions to cash-in-transit vans transporting banknotes and coins.

These are the frontline employees of G4S, the multinational company that specialises in manned security services.

As CPO of the world’s largest security company, Jon Willescroft discusses what it means to be in charge of driving meaningful, sustainable change.

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April - Kris Oswold, VP of UPS: Advocate of Supplier Diversity 

April 2023

Magazine: April 2023

Starting page: 70

Featuring: Kris Oswold

According to Kris Oswold, supplier diversity is a business strategy that addresses the systemic biases resulting in fewer opportunities, limited access, and less capital available to diverse business owners.

An executive with more than 33 years at UPS, Oswold – Vice President of Global Supplier Diversity – brings a wealth of experience to the role. “For a corporation like UPS, supplier diversity means working to ensure third-party spend goes to companies whose owners reflect the diversity of the population,” she says.

In this feature, Oswold explains why global inclusion is the blueprint for value creation. 

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May - Top 10 Procurement Technologies 

May 2023

Magazine: May 2023

Starting page: 86

Featuring: N/A

As technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, the ingenuity of utilising the best and brightest tech in the procurement world is changing the function forever.

From strategic sourcing software to spend analysis, once analogue, paper-ridden processes are now supercharged through digitisation. 

In this Top 10, Procurement Magazine breaks down 10 technologies disrupting the time-honoured status quo and establishing new ways of doing things.

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June - SailPoint: Leveraging procurement to shape the future

June 2023

Magazine: June 2023

Starting page: 26

Featuring: Linda Siegert

As technology accelerates at near-exponential rates, invariably bound up with the internet and big data, security considerations explode in accordance with this growth. A very large part of these security concerns is around ‘identity’.

PwC’s recent Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey found that of 1,296 executives surveyed across 53 countries and regions, 51% of organisations said they had experienced fraud in the previous two years - the highest level in PWC’s 20 years of research.

We interviewed Linda Siegert, the Senior Director of Global Procurement for SailPoint Technologies, to find out they leverage culture in procurement to influence the future. 

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July - Bridgestone EMIA’s sustainable procurement transformation

July 2023

Magazine: July 2023

Starting page: 26

Featuring: Lars Bettermann

Bridgestone, a global leader in tyres and sustainable mobility solutions, was founded in 1931 by Shojiro Ishibashi. Bridgestone takes pride in delivering a wide range of best-in-class tyres and solutions that cater to evolving mobility needs such as data-driven services, telematics, sensor devices, and tyre management systems. 

These solutions enhance productivity, cost efficiency, and sustainability. By equipping fleets with data intelligence and sensor technology, Bridgestone enables them to maintain their vehicles and provide optimal service. This combination of tyre manufacturing and mobility solutions defines Bridgestone as a mobility-driven solution company.

Lars Bettermann is the CPO for Bridgestone EMIA, overseeing procurement operations in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India. He leads a team of around 150 procurement professionals to drive the company’s procurement activities into the future.

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August - Amazon: Building supply chain relations to connect a nation

August 2023

Magazine: August 2023

Starting page: 26

Featuring: Kelly Godschalx

Starting as an online retailer selling books, Amazon has seen exponential growth since Jeff Bezos founded the company in 1994. Now, as a household name across the globe, Amazon operates in more than 20 countries across five continents, launching in Australia in 2017.

Kelly Godschalx, Regional Procurement Manager for Australia and Singapore at Amazon, shares some of her greatest successes from her time at the company, as well as what makes Amazon a great place to work. 

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September - CVS Health: Building supply chain diversity & inclusion

September 2023

Magazine: September 2023

Starting page: 48

Featuring: Monette Knapik

Monette Knapik is the Executive Director of Procurement Supplier Diversity for CVS Health. Monette oversees all areas of the company’s Supplier Diversity programme.

“Three years ago, I was told that I was going to be 100% dedicated to Supplier Diversity. I've often had responsibilities for this, but by making me 100% dedicated to Supplier Diversity, our leadership showed their commitment to the role of inclusion for women-owned, diverse, small businesses in our supply chain.” 

In this report, Knapik details the company’s commitment to inclusion and supply chain sustainability.

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October - Procurement at Claroty at the forefront of business success

October 2023

Magazine: October 2023

Starting page: 52

Featuring: Noga Sharabani

Claroty’s goal is to secure the cyber-physical systems (CPS) that are used to run critical infrastructure every day. Its technology protects systems used to run oil pipelines, health facilities, power grids, water utilities and many other essential services.  

When Noga Sharabani made her first steps into the procurement sector, it was to protect against a very different type of threat. “It was mid-1999 [...] Gilat Satellite Networks, was looking for someone to join the procurement team for a temporary role to oversee suppliers’ compliance for the Y2K bug. At the beginning of 2000, when the Y2K panic ended, I was asked to take the role of direct buyer and started to learn everything about the procurement world,” she says.

In this report, Sharabani discusses putting procurement at the forefront of business strategy.

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November - Nasa’s procurement launchpad to the Moon and Mars

November 2023

Magazine: November 2023

Starting page: 74

Featuring: Karla Smith Jackson

When the objective of an organisation is to reach Mars, then every facet of that organisation has to be functioning at the highest possible standard.

With this in mind, the Office of Procurement at NASA has introduced a new tool to find fresh procurement ideas, encourage innovation and, ultimately, exceed the goals of the agency. The tool is NASA Acquisition Innovation Launchpad (NAIL), which allows everyone from contractors, engineers and staff, to field and test ideas to improve the agency’s procurement processes. 

NASA’s Senior Procurement Executive, Deputy Chief Acquisition Officer and Assistant Procurement Administrator, Karla Smith Jackson has been a major force behind NAIL since joining three years ago.

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December - Mars on a procurement pathway to net zero

December 2023

Magazine: December 2023

Starting page: 116

Featuring: Barry Parkin

As Mars Inc. publishes its groundbreaking Net Zero Roadmap, how will procurement help drive the company to cut carbon in half by 2030?

Mars has published its open-source action plan to accelerate the drive towards achieving Net Zero emissions, including a new target to cut carbon in half by 2030 across its full value chain. The strategy also involves investing US$1bn over the next three years alone to drive climate action. 

Barry Parkin the Chief Procurement and Sustainability Officer at Mars Inc. deep dives into the integral role that procurement, supply chain, and supplier engagement is for reaching the company’s ambitious sustainability targets.

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