Top 10 Source to Pay (S2P) Platforms

Discover the top 10 source to pay (S2P) platforms shaping the procurement industry.

10 SynerTrade

CEO:  Olivier Berrouiguet

SynerTrade provides a source-to-pay platform that combines procurement, supplier management, and contract management capabilities, helping businesses drive digital transformation in their procurement processes.  They are French operation and were established in 2000.

9 Proactis 

CEO:  Stephen Line 

Proactis are a British company and deliver a source-to-pay platform that covers procurement, contract management, and supplier management, empowering organisations to optimise their procurement operations.


8 Basware

Interim CEO: Jason Kurtz 

Basware were founded in 1985 and offers a source-to-pay solution that encompasses procurement automation, invoice processing, and supplier collaboration, enabling organisations to achieve greater control and efficiency in their procurement processes. They are located in Espoo in Finland.


CEO: Subhash Makhija

GEP is an American company that provides an integrated source-to-pay platform that includes procurement, supplier management, contract management, and spend analysis, helping businesses achieve procurement excellence.

The company, from Clark in New Jersey has several different products to help with its goal - GEP Software, GEP Strategy and GEP Managed Services.

6 Zycus 

CEO: Aatish Dedhia ​​​​​​​

Zycus were founded in 1998 and are located in Princeton, New Jersey, USA.  Zycus provides a comprehensive source-to-pay suite, empowering organisations with procurement automation, supplier management, contract management, and spend analysis capabilities.  They pride themselves on being “the pioneer in cognitive procurement” and a trusted international partner of choice for large enterprises for over 20 years.

5 Ivalua

CEO: David Khuat-Duy

Ivalua's cloud-based source-to-pay platform enables organisations to enhance procurement efficiency, manage supplier relationships, and drive cost savings through improved spend visibility and control.  They were established in 2000 and empower hundreds of leading companies around the world.

4 Jaggaer 

CEO Andrew Hovancik 

Jaggaer offers a comprehensive suite of source-to-pay solutions, including procurement, sourcing, contract management, and supplier management, designed to optimise the entire procurement lifecycle. The company was established in 1995 and are based in North Carolina,USA.

3 Oracle 

CEO Safra A. Catz

Oracle's Procurement Cloud provides end-to-end source-to-pay functionality, leveraging automation and analytics to enhance procurement efficiency and supplier collaboration. They were first founded in 1977 and are headquartered in Redwood City, California, USA. 

2 SAP Ariba 

CEO:  Christian Klein 

SAP Ariba, a software and information technology company, founded in 1996 and later acquired by SAP in 2012 for $4.3 billion, provides its customers with cloud-based procurement, spend management and supply chain services that enable suppliers and buyers to connect and conduct business internationally.

1 Coupa

Interim CEO: Charles Goodman

Coupa provides a cloud-based source-to-pay platform that helps organisations optimise their procurement processes, manage supplier relationships, and streamline expense management.  They were founded in 2006, and are located in San Mateo, California, USA.


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