P&SC LIVE Singapore – HPE Digital Transformation Keynote

Veena Theagarajan, Senior Director of Digital Transformation at HPE, discusses digital transformation in the supply chain

Presenting at Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE Singapore, Veena Theagarajan, Senior Director of Digital Transformation at HPE, discussed digital transformation in the supply chain.

Strategies for transformation

Veena begins his keynote with an overview of the current supply chain challenges including supply chain disruption, geopolitical tension, natural issues, security, traceability and sustainability goals. 

With this in mind, she goes on to explain the need to transition from an outsourced supply chain model to internal management with a focus on achieving end-to-end visibility, nimbleness and exception management. 

Emphasising the importance of a secure supply chain and streamlining touchless processes, Veena highlights the benefits of this approach including reduced time to market, increased efficiency, cost reductions, improved customer satisfaction and enhanced competitiveness. 

Veena Theagarajan, Vice President of Digital Transformation at HPE

Implementing advanced technology solutions

Transforming the internal operations of HPE, Veena highlights that these changes have been an ongoing process since 2022, which includes streamlining ERP systems, creating a single data lake for internal and external data, and strengthening the business application footprint.

"Whenever you come up with any tools or any strategy, make sure this is aligned with the business goals,” says Veena.

To achieve this, HPE has deployed AI and machine learning platforms from predictive analytics, optimisation and simulation across various supply chain functions. The company has also integrated advanced technologies to streamline processes, enhance automation and improve customer support, as well as implementing vision analytics for quality inspection and ensuring product integrity.

"What we have approached is a holistic view on the AI, which includes all of the traditional models when it comes to predictive or optimisation applications,” says Veena. 

HPE is also in the early stages of looking into the application of quantum computing for optimisation tasks. 

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