How RealWear's is Revolutionising Frontline Safety

Discover how RealWear's cutting-edge finance technology is transforming frontline safety in manufacturing, as shared by Kate Wilson from Tipalti

Frontline workers in today’s industrial landscape face formidable challenges daily. Every day, these workers encounter significant challenges. From perilous work environments to high-pressure tasks, inadequate equipment, and inaccessible communication, a myriad of issues impacts their welfare and effectiveness.

RealWear, a leading computer hardware manufacturer, stands as a beacon of support for frontline workers, leading the charge in revolutionising the industrial landscape with technology. With their cutting-edge assisted reality wearable headsets, designed for hazardous environments, RealWear pioneers innovative products that seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence, enabling a hands-free work environment.

Through their forward-thinking solutions, RealWear directly addresses the challenges faced by their customers, striving towards a world where every frontline worker can enhance productivity, ensure safety, and elevate the standard of their work. Kate Wilson, Senior Manager and Content Marketing at Tipalti, delves deeper into RealWear's strategic embrace of finance technology and its profound impact on frontline safety within the manufacturing sector.

Innovative Solutions for Safety and Efficiency

In an era where the industrial sector shifts away from paper-based methods, RealWear recognises the vital significance of furnishing its clientele with optimal digital solutions. Equally crucial is their dedication to harnessing technology for societal benefit.

"With frontline workers at the forefront, RealWear develops its headsets to be more than just wearables,” Kate says.

“Their products act as intelligent assistants facilitating knowledge support and providing real-time data while maintaining physical awareness of the surrounding environment.

"By turning every work site into a high-performing arena of unmatched efficiency, RealWear believes in exploring new areas of product innovation to create the safest environment possible for its customers. But, to truly achieve this goal, RealWear needed to implement a digital mindset in its own internal operations."

Streamlining Operations with Finance Technology

Internally, RealWear's finance team grappled with manual processes, hindering productivity and efficiency. Implementing Tipalti's accounts payable automation solution transformed their operations. With real-time access to bills and streamlined payment tracking, RealWear doubled its efficiency in managing payables. Integration with enterprise resource planning further enhanced transparency and reduced risk, paving the way for operational excellence.

"With a focus on bolstering security, adopting an accounts payable automation solution became a necessity," Kate adds.

"The finance team was looking for technology that could expedite their financial close process, streamline supplier onboarding, facilitate domestic and international transactions, and establish a unified, connected platform. The goal was clear--to find not just any solution but one that aligned with their standards and equally served the interests of their customers."

Enhancing Efficiency with Tailored Technology

RealWear experienced a significant improvement in oversight and transparency by embracing automation and implementing Tipalti. It's technology not only facilitated real-time access to bills but also streamlined payment approval and tracking.

Moreover, Tipalti enabled RealWear to double their efficiency in managing payables, reducing the time spent from a whole day each week to just a few hours monthly.

The seamless integration between Tipalti and RealWear's enterprise resource planning solution played a central role in their digital transformation. This integration enhanced flexibility and dynamism, leading to reduced close times, streamlined onboarding, global payment execution, and a centralised data source.

"By eliminating manual processes, the RealWear finance team significantly reduced risk and gained much-needed peace of mind--a critical step in their pursuit of internal operational efficiency," adds Kate.

Setting the Standard for Future Efficiency

RealWear's commitment extends beyond product innovation to a broader digital transformation. By embracing automation, they envision a future where every worker is empowered, and every process optimised.

Through strategic adoption of finance technology, RealWear sets a new standard for operational efficiency, ensuring frontline workers can perform their jobs with unparalleled support and safety.


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