Procurement Strategy Articles

Key agenda items at SAP Spend Connect Live

SAP Spend Connect Live in Vienna is a three day event showcasing best practice in the Supply Chain and Procurement industry

Procurement and best practice for Scope 3 reporting

Procurement and Supply Chain operations have a key role to play in a wider business strategy for sustainability

Sole sourcing & single sourcing: What is the difference?

Single sourcing and sole sourcing are two different procurement methods, but what are the benefits of both?

Managing a Blended Contingent Workforce

An increased focus on mental health considerations in recent years has seen many people moving from traditional career paths to more experience-led roles.


Catch up: Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE 2022

With Procurement and Supply Chain LIVE London 2023 just days away, what were some of the highlights of 2022?


Five key findings: GEP Global Volatility Index September

There is weak global demand and spare supplier capacity according to the GEP Global Supply Chain Volatility Index


Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE London 2023 :Time to sign up

World’s fastest growing procurement and supply chain event features top industry disruptors and thought leaders from supply chain and procurement

ANZ Procurement report: Five key barriers

A new report into the future of procurement in the ANZ region is detailing the five key barriers to strategic excellence