Risk Management Articles


Generative AI’s untapped potential in procurement contracts

Procurement contracts are an untapped opportunity for the application of generative AI, discover how Icertis is harnessing the technology

Procurement and best practice for Scope 3 reporting

Procurement and Supply Chain operations have a key role to play in a wider business strategy for sustainability


Who is SAP’s new Global Head of AI?

SAP has announced Walter Sun as Global Head of Artificial Intelligence as part of the company’s strategy to build upon their position in business AI

Third party risk management: Cost centre to value centre

How has third party risk management in procurement evolved from a cost centre to a value centre?

Ivalua: Accelerating AI-powered contract digitalisation

Ivlalua launches a new platform to accelerate AI-powered contract digitalisation and overhaul purchasing optimisation for greater and faster value

Maximising business efficiency from supplier portals

With businesses working with hundreds of partners, supplier portals can maximise efficiency, but how can they deliver the greatest benefit?

Tech can help reduce risk supply chain regulatory risk

How technology can help hard-pressed procurement teams stay on top of the ever-changing supply chain regulatory landscape


How does Google Cloud & SAP partnership impact procurement?

After SAP and Google Cloud announced an extended partnership, what does it mean for procurement and supply chain?