Risk Management Articles


Discovering Rules Through Machine Learning

To what extent will Machine Learning replace rule-based systems? Procurement professionals should take note.

Teguar & LivaNova team-up to support patients

Medical computers manufacturer Teguar on why its latest work on LivaNova’s Essenz Patient Monitor was so rewarding


PPE storage cost scandal following Covid procurement

The UK government is spending around £400,000 a day to store unused personal protective equipment (PPE) including paying China £35,000 per day


Unlocking autonomous networks with intent-based automation

Yuval Stein, AVP Technologies at TEOCO discusses intent-based automation and the evolution of AI Technology


Gartner Peer Insights & Zluri survey: SaaS and Procurement

Research by Gartner Peer Insights and Zluri reveals the state of Software as a Service Management, inadvertently casting light on Procurement as pivotal


Tech companies that are leading the way in employee benefits

With tech in procurement and procurement in tech, we consider the tech companies that offer some of the best employee benefits today


Drone superhighway 'Skyway' set to revolutionise procurement

Unified Traffic Management (UTM) and Altitude Angel, alongside BT, EE and numerous other UK tech start-ups to create procurement game-changer


Building Supply Chain Resilience Ahead of a Recession

Tony Harris, SVP, Head of Marketing and Solutions for SAP Business Network on how to build resilience in the supply chain through networks and data