Oracle Adds More Gen AI Offering to Cloud Suite

Oracle has added new Gen AI capabilities to help companies be more competitive, boost productivity, and reduce the cost of doing business

Oracle, the supply chain management company, is adding new generative AI capabilities within its Fusion Cloud Application suite to help customers make better decisions and improve the employee and customer experience.

The AI additions include new Gen AI within existing workflows across its finance, supply chain, HR, sales, marketing, and service.

As well as an expansion of the Oracle Guided Journeys' extensibility framework, to enable customers and partners to incorporate more generative AI capabilities to support their unique industry and competitive needs.

Oracle’s AI cloud

Oracle already supports over 50 generative AI use cases, building on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and leveraging its leading AI services, which are embedded within Oracle Fusion Applications and designed to respect customers' enterprise data, privacy, and security.

Within OCI Gen AI service, no customer data is shared with large language model (LLM) providers or seen by other customers. Plus, an individual customer is the only entity allowed to use custom models trained on its data. To further protect sensitive information, role-based security is embedded directly into Oracle Fusion Applications workflows that only recommends content that end users are entitled to view.

Steve Miranda, executive vice president of applications development at Oracle, says: "We are committed to delivering innovation that matters to our customers, and the combination of OCI, Fusion Applications, and the thousands of customers that use these applications daily enables us to continually improve our services and deliver best-in-class AI.

"We have been using AI in our applications for several years and now we are introducing more ways for customers to take advantage of generative AI across the suite.

“With additional embedded capabilities and an expanded extensibility framework, our customers can quickly and easily take advantage of the latest generative AI advancements to help increase productivity, reduce costs, expand insights, and improve the employee and customer experience."

Steve Miranda, executive vice president of applications development at Oracle (Credit: LinkedIn)

Newly embedded generative AI capabilities

Additions to Oracle's AI to support Oracle's supply chain management (SCM) include:

  • Item description generation: Helps product specialists quickly generate standardised product descriptions that highlight SEO keywords. With generative AI support for item descriptions in Oracle Product Lifecycle Management, organisations can save time, reduce errors, and improve the overall quality of product descriptions to increase customer engagement and boost sales.
  • Supplier recommendations: Help procurement professionals quickly and efficiently add suppliers to their organisation's supply chain. With generative AI-powered supplier recommendations embedded in Oracle Procurement, organisations can use information such as product descriptions and purchase categories to identify suppliers, improve sourcing efficiency, help lower costs, and reduce supplier risk.
  • Negotiation summaries: Help procurement professionals quickly generate a customised cover page summary for a specific negotiation. With generative AI-powered assisted authoring embedded in Oracle Procurement, organisations can accelerate negotiations, increase savings, reduce risk, and maximise supplier outcomes.

There are also additions to its customer experience, resource planning, and human capital management (HCM) services.

Generative AI Extensibility with Oracle Guided Journeys

Oracle Guided Journeys now provides an extensibility framework that allows Oracle Cloud HCM and Oracle Cloud SCM customers and partners to add their own generative AI capabilities. These complement and seamlessly integrate with their existing Oracle Fusion Applications investments.

As part of this framework, organisations can choose a preferred LLM provider to support their unique industry and competitive needs. With Oracle Guided Journey's extensibility, customers and partners can help accelerate innovation and respond to changing market conditions with greater speed.

Oracle Fusion Applications' generative AI services are powered by OCI, which hosts both pre-built and custom models. Leveraging OCI Supercluster, which includes bare metal compute instances, ultra-low latency RDMA networking, and high-performance storage, OCI helps accelerate LLM training with the highest performance at the lowest cost.

This allows Oracle to deliver the fastest AI innovation in the industry and attract the best enterprise-focused innovators, including Cohere, to build on OCI, further contributing to the innovation feedback cycle.


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