How is Clarins Group Boosting Supply Chain Sustainability?

The Clarins group has bought 284 acres of land to grow and harvest plants for its products as it looks to make its supply chain more sustainable

French multinational cosmetics company Clarins has bought 284 acres of land in Domaine Sainte Colombe, France. The land includes 123 acres of farmland, which will be used to grow and harvest plants to be used as ingredients in Clarins group products.

How Clarins is making itself more sustainable

The new cultivation site follows the Clarins group's acquisition of Le Domaine de Serraval in Haute-Savoie, France, in 2016. To date, the site has provided the company's laboratories with over 2.5 tons of plant materials.

Virginie Courtin, Managing Director at Clarins, says: "I am proud of this strategic advance towards an integrated, more vertical, ethical and sustainable supply.

"For 70 years, Clarins has harnessed the science of plants to develop ever more effective and innovative cosmetic formulas. The acquisition of the Domaine sites illustrates this approach of continued progress towards more excellence, safety, and traceability for all our clients."

What Clarins will use the land for

The business is planning to start its first plant matter cultivation using regenerative practices this autumn, with harvest planned for 2025/26. Looking ahead, Clarins will harvest 50 different species of plants and trees from the land, which includes almond, apricot, lavender and nopal. By 2030, the Domaine Sainte Colombe site is predicted to produce one-third of the plants used in the company's products.

A statement from Clarins adds: "These Domaines with their specific microclimates - mountains and garrigue - and exceptional soils, provide the Clarins group with a unique supply source, enabling it to combine the quest for the highest quality ingredients with a constant desire to be more transparent and sustainable.”

The Clarins group has announced plans to improve its supply chain transparency, by acquiring 284 acres of land in Domaine Sainte Colombe, France (Credit: The Clarins group)

Clarins' dedication to supply chain sustainability

This announcement reinforces Clarins' commitment to supply chain sustainability, alongside its participation in TRASCE, a recently founded consortium of 15 industry leaders working to make a change in the beauty market.

The consortium's founding members map their supply chains entirely from ingredients and components used (and their origins) to supplier names, operations and transformation sites contained within Transparency-One, an ISN company digital platform.

It highlights how the beauty industry is transforming its supply chain practices toward sustainability and transparency. With growing consumer awareness and concern for environmental and ethical issues, beauty brands recognise the importance of adopting responsible sourcing, production and distribution methods.

By embracing sustainability and transparency initiatives, brands including Clarins are  contributing to global efforts for a greener future while aiming to cultivate trust and loyalty among increasingly conscientious consumers.

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