Transparency drives sustainable procurement at NSG Group

John Wilgar, Chief Procurement Officer at NSG Group, discusses fundamental changes to its procurement functions to become more diverse and sustainable

As an integral component of innovation in the 21st Century, glass is also integral in facilitating some of the major technological shifts that require devices like phones, tablets, computers, and even screens for the safety cameras mounted to the inside of vehicles.

With more innovation taking place, the industry is scaling up growth while reducing its environmental and social impact, and contributing to all innovative processes in between to ensure that materials are fit for a more sustainable future of construction, technology, automotive manufacturing and, quite frankly, any industry. 

Ironically though, glass must strive to be transparent. As far as sourcing goes, sustainability doesn’t come without understanding the impacts of the industry and, more importantly, how to fix them. 

This is what was learned from John Wilgar, Chief Procurement Officer at NSG Group, who leads the procurement function of the business and is committed to sustainable change, adopting all necessary technologies to do so. 

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