SpendHQ Leading Procurement Performance Management Solution

How Syngenta Group leveraged SpendHQ’s Performance Management solution to maximise procurement visibility and impact

Founded in 2012 to optimise procurement spend visibility and reporting, SpendHQ helps procurement teams turn vision and strategy into clearly defined action. 

By centralising accurate data on spend and procurement performance  SpendHQ makes it easy to see and capitalise on optimisation opportunities across the business.

As Pierre Laprée, Chief Product Officer at SpendHQ, explains, the company’s solutions ultimately help procurement teams generate and demonstrate better financial and non-financial outcomes.

“SpendHQ turns the visibility of your spend data into actionable insights that drive procurement to deliver real impact for your company,” he explains.
Data and Performance Management

For Syngenta Group, the ability to manage and confidently report on performance is a driving factor in using SpendHQ, which led the company to choose the solution to drive its Syngenta Group Accelerator Program in 2021 to increase procurement productivity.

“We need to prove that we have delivered on our savings targets,” shares Gerardo Aguilar, Global Head of Indirect Procurement at Syngenta Group. 

“With a procurement team of over 200 people in 32 countries, the challenge is ensuring we can demonstrate the results we've promised. The ability to show progress and results to our stakeholders, and monitor all this from one single place allowed us to constantly be on the top of our numbers and to over-deliver our cost reduction program by 48%”

Unique approaches to a shared vision

Three years into the partnership between SpendHQ and Syngenta Group, both parties see this as only the beginning. Now, Syngenta Group refers to SpendHQ’s PPM solution as ‘Value Track’ because the tool offers far more than real time-reporting. The combination of visibility and best practices sharing allows the team to focus on the right opportunities, learn from what is working for others and harmonise operations across different business units.

“We want to continue moving and see what else we can do using this solution,” says Gerardo. “We’re excited to continue working with SpendHQ to reinforce total value contribution, continue to embed the tool in the broader ecosystem and focus on sustainability opportunities.”


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