MTN transforms procurement with digital DNA approach

Leading MTN Group’s procurement transformation, Dirk Karl, MTN Group Executive and CPO, discusses benefits, smart data-driven decision making, and ESG

Driven by its strong belief that everyone deserves the benefit of a modern and connected life – particularly on the African continent – MTN Group is committed to bridging the digital divide, bringing connectivity and financial inclusion to its operating markets. 

“We are building the largest and most valuable business platform with a clear focus on bringing Africa and its enterprises forward,” says Dirk Karl, Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) and Member of the Board at MTN.

Procurement transformation: leading the charge

A successful and perceptive procurement leader with an international career spanning 25 years, Karl has been CPO at MTN since 2017. As part of his role, Karl leads the group’s procurement transformation strategy, and is responsible for the group’s supply chain and sourcing.

“Our strategy is built on three key pillars,” he explains. “The first is ESG, which is not only key to our procurement transformation, but central to our core strategy as a business. Next, we have the ‘digital DNA’ to push data driven decision making, advanced analytics and agility into procurement, and finally, we are focused on driving supply chain resilience.”


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