iQuantum: A modern procurement platform for today’s business

iQuantum, a woman and minority owned company, provides a modular procurement platform with supplier diversity, ESG, and supplier management solutions

Hetal Mehta is the founder and CEO of iQuantum Inc., a modular, modern procurement platform. As the leader of iQuantum’s woman and minority owned business, Hetal works closely with all internal teams, customers, partners, and the iQuantum Advisory Board of industry champions and practitioners.


Hetal Mehta’s journey into the industry

For many years, Mehta worked as a developer and consultant to procurement teams. Through that experience, she recognised the need for a more sophisticated and user-friendly procurement solution, “one that does all the efficient and effective consolidations, automation and workflows – but also helps guide alignment between buying decisions and larger strategic corporate goals like increased diversity,” she says.


“My in-depth experience and understanding of supplier diversity led me to realise customers struggle with finding appropriate suppliers and are prone to continuing business with existing ones – even if that isn’t ideal.

“With iQuantum our goal is to leverage machine learning and AI to provide a modern procurement platform with access to the largest global supplier database that includes diverse and sustainable options. This helps customers build a more resilient and robust supply chain.”


iQuantum’s Unique Selling Point

iQuantum Inc. is a modern Source-to-Pay platform designed to meet today’s procurement needs by using machine learning and artificial intelligence to innovate Supplier Relationship Management, Diversity and ESG Sustainability tracking and reporting. They provide the tools and transparency to align spend decisions to strategic corporate goals.


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