Top 10 Procurement Influencers

Discover the top 10 procurement influencers shaping the industry and learn from their expertise and insights…

For any organisation or professional looking to stay up to date with the latest trends, insights, and strategies in procurement, they need look no further than our list of the top 10 procurement influencers. These industry leaders have proven track records of success, offering valuable perspectives on procurement practices, supply chain management, and sustainability. 

From CPOs of global organisations to procurement consultants and thought leaders, our list covers a diverse range of expertise and experience from those who have had a significant impact on procurement – and who continue to do so. Follow them for thought-provoking content, innovative ideas, and guidance on how to transform your procurement function.

10: Bertrand Maltaverne - SpendMatters

 Senior Analyst (Supplier Management & Sourcing)

Bertrand Maltaverne, a well-known procurement influencer, has established himself as a trusted consultant, analyst, and practitioner in the field with over 15 years of experience. Through his prolific blogging, podcasting, and speaking engagements, Maltaverne has earned a loyal following in the procurement community. As Senior Analyst for Supplier Management & Sourcing at SpendMatters, he has driven innovation and transformation in procurement, shaping the future of the industry. Organisations seeking to optimise their procurement processes turn to Maltaverne for his expertise on the latest trends and innovations.

Bertrand Maltaverne

 9: Kris Oswold- UPS

 Vice President of Supplier Diversity

Kris Oswold, the Vice President of Global Supplier Diversity at UPS, is a top procurement influencer with over 30 years of experience in procurement, supply chain, and operations. She is committed to promoting inclusion, opportunity, and growth for diverse suppliers through her expertise in global business process design and organisational transformation, strategic planning, program development, business process improvement, vendor management, and operational excellence. Kris's unique perspective and passion for expanding opportunities for diverse suppliers make her an invaluable resource for any organisation seeking to promote supplier diversity.

Kris Oswold

8. Lisa Martin - GSK

Senior Vice President  and Chief Procurement Officer

Lisa Martin is a highly revered and accomplished procurement leader with over 30 years of experience. As the Senior Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer at GSK, Lisa is responsible for overseeing the procurement strategy for one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. Her expertise in M&As and global sourcing has been honed through leadership roles at Teva Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer, and Sony Pictures. Lisa's impressive track record in procurement leadership positions, coupled with her broad expertise in strategic sourcing, make her a top procurement influencer in the industry.

Lisa Martin

7: Nick Jenkinson - Santander

Chief Procurement Officer

Nick Jenkinson is a respected procurement influencer with over 20 years of experience leading global procurement functions. As the Head of Global Procurement at Santander, Jenkinson's expertise in financial services, technology, and outsourcing has been instrumental in driving the company's success. Jenkinson is also an advocate for digitalisation, sustainability, and diversity in procurement, working to promote best practices and advance the field. With his strong leadership and industry knowledge, he is a respected voice in the procurement community.

Nick Jenkinson

6: Patrick Dunne - Sainsburys Plc.

Director of Group Property, FM & Procurement (CPO)

Patrick Dunne is an influencer with extensive experience in driving transformation, innovation, and savings in procurement. He leads the procurement function for one of the UK's largest retailers, covering various categories such as property, facilities management, logistics, marketing, and IT. 

Commercially astute with a proven record of delivering strategic and operational change across multiple industries – including pharmacy, retail, manufacturing and automotive – Patrick has successfully embedded a strong cost-conscious culture into Boots UK and the wider Walgreen-Boots Alliance Group. Patrick is a strong innovative commercial leader with an entrepreneurial approach, thriving in developing positive cultural change.

Patrick Dunne

5: Rebecca Simpson - Royal Mail

 Chief Procurement Officer

Rebecca Simpson's ability to lead, transform, and build high-performing teams while fostering strong stakeholder relationships has made her a highly influential figure in procurement. Currently Chief Procurement Officer of Royal Mail, she has previously led the transformation of the global procurement and supply chain function of a FTSE 100 business, delivering tangible results in addition to optimising data and technology. 

With significant experience in leading and delivering major transformation projects, Simpson has successfully transitioned across multiple sectors, including blue-chip organisations in manufacturing, services, and facility management – among others. Her specialties include strategic sourcing, category/commodity management, procurement, sustainability, and risk management. Overall, Simpson's energetic, pacey, and original thinking have earned her a reputation as a dynamic, inspiring leader in the procurement industry.

Rebecca Simpson

 4: Ross Grierson - Primark

Director of Indirect Procurement

Ross Grierson is a top procurement influencer with over 20 years of experience leading global procurement functions in the fashion, FMCG, retail, and pharmaceutical industries. 

As a business leader, he is passionate about sustainability, innovation, and diversity in procurement. Grierson has a track record of delivering procurement transformation and sourcing of indirect categories with a far-reaching impact in the procurement world. He is uniquely skilled in developing high-performing teams and individuals, motivated by procurement’s role in driving positive environmental change through strategic problem solving and execution.


Ross Grierson

3: Omid Ghamami - Procurement and Supply Chain Management (PSCM) Institute

Chief Executive Officer

Omid Ghamami is a world-renowned thought leader and expert in purchasing and sales negotiations. As a Fortune 50 executive, he has advised top-tier companies on strategic sourcing, negotiation, and supplier management and is also a professor, trainer, coach, and author possessing a wealth of knowledge and experience in the procurement industry. 

He advocates for procurement organisations to become value-added centres of profit, with a focus on performance results and deep involvement in the R&D process. Ghamami's proprietary purchasing counterintelligence techniques have helped sales organisations to win and keep winning procurement's business, and he is a major influencer in the field.


Omid Ghamami

 2: David Loseby 

 Professor & Visiting Scholar, Editor in Chief, Advisor & NED (Pracademic)

David Loseby is a procurement figure with extensive expertise and influence in organisational transformation and change management. He has worked in various sectors and industries – including pharmaceuticals, banking, FMCG, manufacturing, consulting, retail, aerospace & defence, venture capital, healthcare (NHS), and local government. 

His contributions in procurement and supply chain management are recognised globally, making him one of the top 50 thought leaders in procurement and change management by Thinkers360 as well as a top 100 global thought leader in supply chain, diversity & inclusion, design thinking, COVID-19 & management. Loseby’s experience in applied behavioural science and his work as an academic editor in chief and thought leader in procurement makes him an influential figure in the field. He is also an author of Soft Skills for Hard Business, a book published by Cambridge Academic. 

Cumulatively, Loseby’s  expertise, experience, and valuable contributions have earned him a significant reputation as a leader and influencer in procurement and supply chain management.


David Loseby

 1: Gordon Donovan - SAP

 Vice President of Research, Procurement & External Workforce

Gordon Donovan (VP of research at SAP) is a highly-experienced, accomplished procurement leader who has made significant contributions to the field of procurement. With over 30 years of experience in procurement, supply chain management, and business transformation, Donovan has established himself as a top thought leader and innovator. He is widely respected for his ability to help organisations achieve excellence and efficiency in their procurement functions, leveraging SAP's technology and capabilities. 

Donovan is also a passionate advocate for sustainability, diversity, and social responsibility in procurement, and has consistently demonstrated his commitment to creating positive impact and value for all stakeholders involved in the procurement process. As a prolific writer and speaker, he shares his insights and best practices on various platforms, inspiring, educating, and challenging others to improve and transform their procurement practices. Together, these qualities make him a true leader and influencer in the procurement industry – and, rightfully, number one in our list of top procurement influencers.

Gordon Donovan

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