Xeeva advances procure to pay solutions with Amazon Business

Announced by AI-powered solution provider Xeeva, the company has partnered with Amazon Business to advance procure-to-pay (P2P) solutions

Advancing procure-to-pay (P2P) solutions, Xeeva a leading provider of AI-powered spend management and procurement solutions, has partnered with Amazon Business

With this new partnership, customers can flexibly search and order directly within the P2P purchasing environment, as well as such for competitive prices without having to leave Amazon. Users can search directly in the P2P solution and instantly add desired items to their Xeeva shopping cart. 

How will the partnership benefit procurement?

Key features added to Xeeva’s solution include:

  • Access and exposure to all Amazon products, security to stay compliant with internal controls and processes.
  • Eliminating the need to manage long-term price agreements.
  • Automated catalogue management, items can be added without having to maintain pricing and expiration.
  • Ensuring best prices. 
  • Reducing workloads for buyers. Low-value purchases can be managed with Amazon punchout instead of manual transaction management.

“The benefits of this partnership are massive. Xeeva is among a select group of companies that have this integration.  This marks one of many strategic steps in our comprehensive plan to streamline the procurement process” said Nina Vellayan, CEO of Xeeva, Inc.  

Veoneer adopts Xeeva and Amazon Business’ P2P solution

As a leader in autotech, Veoneer has implemented Xeeva and Amazon Business’ P2P solutions in its operations in less than six months. 

“We implemented Amazon punchout so we can reduce buyer workload and have our buyers focus on more strategic sourcing and savings efforts.” - Adrian Madau, North America Indirect Purchasing Manager at Veoneer 

Who is Xeeva?

Founded in 2014, Xeeva is a leading solutions provider for indirect spend management. The company helps organisations to optimise their entire procurement process.

Xeeva’s solutions help to simplify, consolidate, manage, control, and conduct spend-related activities in one place.  

Xeeva states on its website: “Our end-to-end integrated cloud-based platform drives cost savings, visibility, and efficiency gains throughout the procurement process.”


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