Resonance Companies, Empowering Sustainable Fashion

Resonance Companies hires Douglas Roy’s as COO and Head of Global Supply Chain. Let's look at how the fashion technology company is driving sustainability.

Resonance is leading the way to sustainable fashion.  Providing brands with the capability to design, sell and make one product on-demand, sustainably, anywhere in the world --  as efficiently as 1,000 garments in the traditional, long-run legacy environment. Resonance’s proprietary technology platform, create.ONE is forging the path to the fashion industry’s “anti-Amazon” future. 

Founded in 2015 by Lawrence Lenihan, Chairman and Co-Founder and Christian Gheorghe, CEO and Co-Founder, Resonance Companies is proving that you don’t have to destroy the planet to create the next big trend. Create.ONE lowers the barrier of entry for fashion businesses, removing the often unreachable minimum run requirements required by traditional manufacturing methods in order to meet the necessary economies of scale.

Today, Resonance announced the appointment of Douglas Roy to Chief Operating Officer and Head of Global Supply Chain, a new role for the company. Roy will lead all global operations for Resonance, including planning, procurement, manufacturing, fulfilment and logistics.

“Doug is a proven operations leader who has the vision and expertise in driving end-to-end transformation within many industries,” said Resonance Chairman and Co-Founder Lawrence Lenihan. “Through his supply chain expertise, he will strengthen our foundation and create a scalable manufacturing footprint that will enable international expansion.”

“Resonance can be the defining intelligent technology and manufacturing platform that enables a sustainable, responsible, and more economically valuable fashion industry. I’m eager to apply what I’ve learned throughout my career to an industry in desperate need of a new model,” said Roy. “Our operation consists of cloud-based software, digital factories, trackable garments and more, which exist to serve the best interests of the planet, consumers and creators. I look forward to optimizing this system to drive further growth and opportunity for our designers and consumers.”

Most recently, while at Dollar Shave Club, Roy played a key role in disrupting the shaving industry as well as the exponential growth of subscription-based e-commerce. As a member of the executive leadership team, Roy and his team delivered improved service and delivery for the member base through a transformation of the cost base and adding new capabilities throughout the supply chain. 

Roy, whose career began in the automotive industry with General Motors, holds an Engineering degree from the University of Dayton. Following General Motors, Roy went on to hold leadership roles with Meritor, Dannon and Unilever while achieving an MBA from Colorado State University. 

Sustainable Fashion


100 billion garments are produced each year, and 30% of them are never sold.

That means 30 billion garments of unsold inventory go into landfills or are incinerated each year. That also mean 30 billion garments worth of water, dyes, CO2 and methane emissions, and transportation go to waste each year.

Resonance believes the solution is NO INVENTORY.

Each element of Resonance’s platform enables brands, retailers and manufacturers to manage every aspect of their businesses on-demand, with no inventory and no impact from unsold product.

Traceability- ONE.code


Created by Resonance, ONE.code is a unique identifier that leverages blockchain smart contracts to measure and verify the amount of resources consumed at each step of the manufacturing process of a specific individual garment in real-time. 

The scannable code, which is part of every garment the company produces, tracks everything from the fabric mill certification, to the chemicals and water used, to the wages and working conditions of the person who sewed the clothes.  ONE.code enables accountability throughout the value chain and provides brands, manufacturers, retailers, workers and consumers with the power to hold themselves and each other accountable and responsible for the impact of business choices.

As the company themselves says, sustainability is not a final destination; it is a process. Find out where Resonance is on its sustainability journey.


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