Nov 11, 2021

OpenText: Digitally connecting global trading partners

OpenText adds new capabilities to its OpenText™ Business Network Cloud 

In an announcement made by OpenText, the company has added new capabilities to its OpenText™ Business Network Cloud.

Business Network Cloud is designed to empower organisations to digitise their supply chains. Once connected to the network, organisations can benefit from being integrated into the ‘largest trading partner network in the world’, with over one million trading partners available via the Trading Grid platform. 

OpenText was recently recognised as a leader in the IDC Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Collaboration Network.  

Connecting people, systems, and things across the entire digital business ecosystem

OpenText’s Business Network Cloud includes market-leading integrations with more than 200 API connectors to internal business systems and the industry’s only identity and access management (IAM) capability specifically for supply chains. In addition, the platform has integrated IoT for shipment traceability and next-generation e-invoicing to improve efficiency and meet diverse regulations.

By harnessing these capabilities OpenText offers organisations the ability to digitise their supply chains and gain significant transparency and flexibility. 

“As supply chain challenges increase, global businesses need visibility into their supply chain operations, and the flexibility to change suppliers quickly. The OpenText Business Network Cloud provides this insight and flexibility to the largest supply chains in the world, empowering them to anticipate and respond quickly to both opportunities and disruptions. With this release, we are bringing this unique capability to companies of all sizes,” said Mark J. Barrenechea, CEO & CTO, OpenText.

OpenText’s new release opens its solutions to more customers than before, offering self-service functionalities and managed services, industry-leading B2B integrations, and the ability to connect with trading partners anywhere in the world.

In addition, OpenText brings new integrations with external vendors, improved user experiences, and solutions to help automate invoicing and compliance for manufacturers.

Who is OpenText? 

Founded in 1991, OpenText is a world leader when it comes to information management. The company helps organisations securely capture, govern, and exchange information globally. 

“OpenText solves digital business challenges for customers, ranging from small and mid-sized businesses to the largest and most complex organisations in the world,” said OpenText.

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