Meet Flex. The TiO2 buying experience you should expect

By Ti-Pure
Introducing Ti-Pure™ Flex, the only eCommerce TiO2 solution in the industry, providing you with convenient and truly unique benefits

Take Control with Ti-Pure™ Flex

The titanium dioxide market is dynamic and buying TiO2 for your business can sometimes feel frustrating. Wouldn’t it be nice if a supplier made the buying experience easier? If they provided more visibility, empowering you to better execute your business plan? And what if you could easily order online without a contract?

Ti-Pure™ Flex is the only eCommerce TiO2 solution in the industry, providing you with convenient and truly unique benefits:

  • View market-based pricing with up to 6-month lead times
  • Place orders online without contracts or long-term commitments
  • Get answers quickly with online chat
  • Make order modifications online
  • Review order history and download documents
  • Enjoy the benefits of Ti-Pure™ Flex Rewards

Choosing the Right TiO2 Partner

The importance of TiO₂ to your products is undeniable. It’s a fundamental part of coating, plastic, and laminate applications across a variety of industries worldwide. TiO₂ is a key ingredient in the manufacturing process, so choosing the right partner for today’s market is essential for product quality, reliability, and cost-efficiency.

So what exactly should you expect from your Ti02 Supplier? Here are 4 traits you should be looking for:

  • Reliability: The TiO₂ market is dynamic, so you need a partner that provides you with information and tools that help you plan better.
  • Innovation: Working with a TiO₂ supplier isn’t just about buying an ingredient. It’s about finding a partner that helps enable your next product innovation.
  • Flexibility: Whether it’s working with you to ensure alignment with your strategy, or providing intuitive tools and support, a good TiO2 supplier is flexible.
  • Grade Quality: Not all TiO₂ is created equal. The alignment to your chemistry, manufacturing process and overarching strategy is essential.

Download our infographic to learn even more about what to look for from your supplier.

About Ti-Pure™

For over a century, Ti-Pure™ has delivered industry-leading innovation to address the growing worldwide demand for high-quality TiO₂—constantly developing brighter, more efficient pigments for the coatings, plastics, and laminates industries.

Ready to meet Flex?

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