Gembah: Product Development Leader Announces $11M in Funding

Gembah announces $11M in Series-A Funding. The new funding further enables the company to continue on its mission of democratising product innovation.

Established in 2018 in Austin, TX and founded on the belief that humans are natural inventors,  Gembah’s goal is to empower creators and make product development accessible to anyone. The leading platform and “product development marketplace” specialises in bringing new products to market through all stages of development. Gembah connects creators to its global network of designers, engineers, and supply chain specialists. 

Gembah oversees production at factories in China, Southeast Asia, Mexico, and South America and has been featured in Forbes magazine for shortening time-to-market by leveraging AI.

Today, they announced an $11M Series-A round of funding led by ATX Venture Partners. To date, the total funding raised is $14.4M. Additional investors in the round include Silverton Partners, who led the company’s seed round, Flexport, Brett Hurt, Jim Curry, and Dan Graham.

Propelling innovation; from idea to fruition in 90 days

Historically, new product development comes with very large upfront capital and resource requirements. Now, by drastically reducing the barriers to entry for the creation of new products, Gembah looks to democratise product innovation.

Gembah is fueling innovation and empowering millions of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and first-time product creators, helping to turn ideas into fruition. The new funding is earmarked to further develop Gembah’s platform and to expand its team and network of partners domestically and overseas. 

“Gembah is a true innovator poised to help businesses capitalise on the growth of global eCommerce,” said Chris Shonk, Managing Director at ATX Venture Partners. “The Gembah marketplace promises to unlock virtually unlimited entrepreneurial equity by enabling a whole new breed of creators to enter the market.”

Gembah is the world’s first end-to-end product innovation platform. It connects customers to expert resources from product creation all the way through manufacturing. Because entrepreneurs are connected to vetted, expert resources, Gembah dramatically reduces the risk, cost, and time to bring a new product to market. 

By leveraging AI and machine learning to optimise workflows, the platform eliminates the traditional inefficiencies involved in designing and manufacturing products, reducing costs and collapsing time-to-market. Successful products can go from concept to reality in as little as 90 days.

“We believe that humans are creators, it’s what separates us from all the other species on the planet,” said Gembah CEO and Co-founder Henrik Johansson. “When creators are given the ability to create new products better, faster, and cheaper than ever before, and in more sustainable ways, it will fundamentally alter the types of products that are brought to market and the impact on the environment in positive ways.”

“Creating a product from scratch involves creative decision-making, supply chain logistics, strong communication with factories, product management, budgeting, and quality control. Without Gembah, our product line would not have gone to market as quickly as it did and with the legal protections that help us feel secure in the marketplace,” said Eric Finkelman, co-founder of Cali Weights. 


To learn more, visit, or find them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.   


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