Dynatos and IDW2 drive finance & procurement transformation

Leading process automation organisation Dynatos & IT service & consulting organisation IDW2 partner to drive finance & procurement transformation in Iberia

In joint announcement, Dynatos - a trusted advisor and strategic partner for financial process optimisation - has partnered with IT services and consulting organisation IDW2.

As part of their newly formed partnership, the two will collaborate to widen their activities in Iberia and drive financial and procurement transformation. 

Dynatos an its activities in Iberia

Since 2017, Dynatos has been active in Iberia with an office in Madrid. The organisation’s client base in the region totals more than 80 customers and partners. 

"Since the start in Spain, we've also noticed a growing demand for finance and procurement transformation in Portugal," says Antonio Garcia Guerrero, VP Europe South at Dynatos. 

Guerrero added: "As a Strategic Partner, we believe in market expertise, personal approach, and innovative technology that match customer needs. With the IDW2 partnership, we can serve the Portuguese market the same way as the rest of the regions where Dynatos operates in. With the market knowledge of IDW2, our offering including the leading procurement platform from Coupa software, and our finance transformation offerings like Routty and the Kofax ReadSoft solutions, we believe we can make a difference in Portugal.”

How can IDW2 help Dynatos?

Offering multiple technology solutions to serve their clients’ needs, IDW2 offers Dynatos its knowledge, experience and quality services. The partnership with IDW2 offers complimentary added value for both organisations to offer their clients as well as greater digital transformation strategies and enhancement of employee development. 

"With over 14 years of experience and the personal customer approach of IDW2, it is a perfect fit with the ‘Strategic Partnership’ strategy of Dynatos. We look forward to successful cooperation within Portugal and the rest of Iberia," said Maria Helena Lopes, General Manager of IDW2.

Garcia added: "Together, IDW2 and Dyantos present a solid foundation to support existing and new customers and partners in their journey of digitizing their financial processes, whether implementation, maintenance, and project management."

"Joining forces with IDW2 is another step in the European growth of Dynatos. Expert partners like IDW2 are of strategic importance in our growth journey. Together with IDW2 we are looking forward to bringing state-of-the-art technology solutions to Portugal,” concluded Gert-Jan de Vries, CEO at Dynatos.


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