Jun 15, 2021

DHL FAST-TRACK: A Progressive Music Initiative with Purpose

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DHL Express and Universal Music Group reveal new music initiative Fast- Track, turning a global spotlight on the hottest emerging artists

DHL Express and Universal Music Group (UMG) launch a new music initiative that’s turning a global spotlight on the hottest emerging artists on their music journey, helping to deliver their distinctive sound to new audiences across the globe. 

Leveraging their global expertise, DHL Express and UMG introduce DHL FASTTRACK, “a progressive initiative with purpose” connecting artists and fans, delivering tomorrow's music today.

DHL FAST-TRACK is an always-on program that connects global audiences by creating and sharing cultural moments in music that inspire, entertain and engage. Fans can enjoy even more content from the artists they love with unforgettable music moments, spanning innovative digital activations, unique content, eco-initiatives and much more. 

Bringing artists and fans closer than ever, revealing the untold stories behind an artist's creative process, whilst helping to amplify their journey. 

DHL FAST-TRACK is an always-on program that connects global audiences by creating and sharing cultural moments in music that inspire, entertain and engage. 

Abbey Road Studios
Abbey Road Studios

Partnering with DHL FAST-TRACK to help make the program a reality are two of UMG's legendary recording studios: Abbey Road Studios (UK) and Capitol Studios (US). Leveraging their expertise, these global icons in music will support a multitude of creative activations and celebrate the phenomenal talent of the featured artists. 

“Like music, DHL connects people from across the world every day” says Mike Parra, CEO DHL Express Americas & Global Head of Sponsorships. “We are really excited about our new global partnership with Universal Music Group and the DHL FAST-TRACK program, where our shared pioneering values and international expertise will bring fans closer by connecting them to the artists they love through innovative experiences and unforgettable moments.” 

Jeremy Huffelmann, General Manager of Abbey Road Studios, said: “Abbey Road has long been a platform for enabling and developing new talent, with many incredible artists starting their journey in our studios. By appointing DHL as Abbey Road Studios’ Official Logistics Partner on the exciting FastTrack program, we will actively bring new talent closer to their fans.” 

Zoe Wees kicks off the program with her first-ever headline concert  


Kicking off the DHL FAST-TRACK extensive global program is the Hamburg-hailed singer-songwriter, Zoe Wees. Zoe’s stellar 2020 debut track, ‘Control’ showcased her deep, emotional vocals, the megahit has captured the imagination of fans worldwide and will capture their attention once more with her first-ever headline show with a full band. 

Thanks to her fans allegiance, Zoe has had a meteoric emergence, with her tracks viewed and streamed over 600M times. Sharing her enthusiasm and support for the FAST-TRACK emerging artist music program, Zoe Wees said, “Thanks to DHL Fast-Track for helping put on my first-ever headline concert, it feels special to be able to do a global show from my hometown of Hamburg”. 

Zoe’s performance will be broadcast from the stage of Hamburg’s biggest independent venue, Kampnagel. Her first broadcast concert delivered free to everyone around the world and is expected to be a showpiece moment for the multi-instrumentalist. 

To immortalize the moment, Zoe’s performance will be cut-to-vinyl at Abbey Road Studios in London. True to the music program’s name, DHL’s global express will fast-track a limited number of vinyl records hot off the press to fans.

Olivier Robert-Murphy, EVP, Universal Music Group for Brands commented, “Supporting the creative journey of new and emerging talents is at the core of what we do at Universal Music Group. In DHL Express we have a partner with shared expertise in local to global innovation, offering unique support as we connect these phenomenal artists with millions of fans around the world”. 

The beat goes on, DHL FAST-TRACK will continue apace across 2021, shining the spotlight next on the US, and with the support of the iconic Capitol Studios, the program will then in 2022 will turn its attention towards Asia, as the program continues to feature the world’s freshest emerging talent and support them on their local to global journey.

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Jul 25, 2021

JAGGAER: Advancing Procurement Technology in Healthcare

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JAGGAER has highlighted the importance of advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning in healthcare procurement at Arab Health

JAGGAER has revealed the latest technological advancements in its cutting-edge, ground-breaking system at this years Arab Health, hosted by Informa Markets, as the industry-leading all-in-one procurement platform provider continues to provide support for the global healthcare industry as it struggles to recover from a year and a half tainted by the novel Coronavirus, and the ongoing pressure that it is putting on hospitals and pharmaceuticals. 


With new technology and innovation taking centre stage this year’s edition of Arab Health, JAGGAER announced the launch of its new ‘Digital Mind’ strategy. The strategy features a core set of advanced strategies, including embedded intelligence, predictive data analytics, and real-time user guidance that can all be used to support healthcare procurement teams with the necessary and oftentimes difficult strategic decision-making involved in the acquisition process. It’s set to better efficiency across the sector, reduce risk, and better customer service capabilities. 


The Exponential Growth of IoMT

This development comes at a time when the Internet of Things (IoT) has started to infiltrate all industries in an elaborate way. In a report published by Deloitte, it has been suggested that the global market for the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is projected to exceed US$158bn by 2022, with the IoMT market specifically in the MENA region, expected to hit US$9bn. 


Hany Mosbeh, Vice President of Sales Middle East & Africa, JAGGAER, said: ‘The healthcare sector is increasingly adopting disruptive technologies into the IoMT ecosystem including artificial intelligence (AI), augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), and robotic process automation (RPA). From a procurement perspective, these technologies are also being utilised in our systems, having far-reaching benefits for the healthcare industry.’ 


JAGGAER’s Digital Mind

The new Digital Mind strategy incorporates JAGGAER Adopt, Assist and Advise. The latter of which enables users to be more proactive in recognising potential areas of improvement and mitigating challenging situations such as supplier risk. By leveraging a combination of advanced predictive analytics, machine learning, and customer-specific business rules, JAGGAER Advise empowers procurement professionals to identify steps that could improve performance or results and take corrective action on behalf of users. 


The software also provides its users with data-driven actionable insights and recommends the next steps to mitigate the risk of supply disruptions, supplier qualification, performance issues, and underperforming sourcing events. 


Speaking at one of the sessions during the event, Microsoft Research’s Chief Medical Scientist, Dr Junaid Bajwa, outlined the role of data in the healthcare sector, he said: ‘Today’s story is one of automation of processes, aggregation of data, moving to intelligent analysis and AI, and then repeating that cycle. If we get this right, it has the potential to reduce costs and support clinicians by unmasking occult disease types, generalising new associations and perhaps even generating new novel hypotheses and new mechanisms.’


Right now, JAGGAER supports over 120 healthcare organisations globally. They do so by modernising and transforming their procurement capabilities through digitalisation─an action that is propelling the industry forward at pace. To name just a small number of companies that JAGGAER services: Dubai Health Authority, Uniting Care, NHS England, HCA Healthcare, and Bright Horizons


‘During Arab Health, we heard from a range of experts who highlighted the challenges directly linked to COVID-19, from developing enough vaccines to combat the infection to the flow of raw materials to make the vaccines. In an era of technological advancements in the healthcare industry that are saving lives, it is also important to utilise this technology from a business perspective so that we can identify future risk and improve performance’, Mosbeh added.

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