Vizibl enhances supplier sustainability management

Leading digital procurement platform provider, Vizibl, enhances supplier sustainability management with the launch of its new scalable module capabilities

Announced by Vizibl, the leading digital procurement platform provider for supplier collaboration and innovation has extended its capabilities with a new Supplier Sustainability Management module. 

Expanding existing sustainability capabilities at Vizibl

By expanding its existing sustainability capabilities Vizibl’s new module allows organisations to configure multiple ESG programmes quickly and easily, attach common disclosure frameworks, and invite suppliers. 

Other key features include the ability to view overall performance or target individual suppliers, as well as set roadmaps for phased improvement targets. 

““With the majority of our impact on the planet and its people sitting in our supply chains, there is a growing appreciation of the enormity of the supplier sustainability challenge – particularly around scope 3 emissions – amongst executives at enterprise organisations. Their teams face frequent stumbling blocks around data and processes, lacking the technology and the centralisation to make meaningful progress on their supplier sustainability initiatives,” said Mark Perera, CEO of Vizibl.

He added “With this module we are not only providing easy access to CDP and SBTi data to support procurement and their colleagues, but we have built the infrastructure for effective measurement and target-setting with suppliers. This was a crucial step in empowering large enterprise organisations to accelerate their sustainability efforts, and builds on the partnership with leading supplier sustainability rating provider EcoVadis that we established in 2019.”

Unlocking supplier collaboration

By combining its new Supplier Sustainability Management capabilities with its existing Supplier Relationship Management, Supplier Collaboration Workspace, and Supplier Innovation Hub, Vizibl will offer a unique and powerful solution. 

With this new solution, Vizibl will help organisations align their sustainability targets, problem solve collaboratively with suppliers, increase open source innovation, and gain priority access to scarce green goods and services.

With these capabilities, organisations can collaborate with suppliers on sustainable goals systematically and at scale.

Vizibl’s Strategic Advisor, Jim Massey also commented: “Supplier Sustainability Management today gives organisations visibility of ESG performance across our suppliers. In the past, we didn’t have this data as leaders. Now, we can chart a course to meet our commitments. For too long, the lack of data collection delayed organisations from improving our supplier sustainability. With the upcoming functionality, this measurement, monitoring, and baselining capacity will be seamlessly integrated with Vizibl’s existing capabilities as the leading Supplier Collaboration & Innovation platform.”

He added: “The result is a solution that allows those of us in leadership to get an accurate picture of current supplier sustainability performance and set informed targets for the future. Even more importantly, we can show stakeholders that we are achieving those targets through improved alignment, collaboration, and innovation with suppliers.”


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