The Signal Group launches new bunker procurement company

Maritime transportation company, The Signal Group, extends its services with the launch of a new innovative bunker procurement company led by Daniel Rose

Announced by The Signal Group - a leading maritime transportation company - the organisation has launched its new, innovative bunker procurement company. 

Extending procurement services to selected third parties

To be led by former LQM Petroleum Services LLC CEO, Daniel Rose, the new company - to be known as Shipergy - will take advantage of economies of scale and operational efficiencies to extend its procurement services to selected third parties. 

Using the expertise of The Signal Group’s employees, Shipergy will be focused on the quality of the procured bunkers and the souring process. The new company will do this by leveraging The Signal Group’s cutting-edge technology stack and digital pedigree. 

The Shipergy Vision

To progressively become the most advanced bunker procurement company that is well-positioned to play a role in the shipping industry’s evolution towards decarbonisation and efficiency. 

Effective immediately, Shipergy will begin to build its own services to deliver greater value to both The Signal Maritime pools and external companies in the future. 

“I am delighted to be leading a new company within the Signal Ecosystem. Sourcing on-spec bunkers at the right place, at the best price, is critical to the success of Signal’s pools. Looking to the future, we see challenges and opportunities from the decarbonisation and digitisation of the shipping industry. The bunkering sector is still adapting to these challenges, but by building a bunker procurement business within the domain of one of the shipping industry's most prestigious and forward-thinking groups, we intend to be a catalyst for change over the coming years,” said Rose.

How will this impact the day-to-day operations at The Signal Group?

Despite creating a new entity, The Signal Group reports that there will be no change to its operational personnel. The organisation’s bunker procurement ream will now handle these operations through Shipergy with additional staff projected to be added in the near future to increase its capacity. 

“This is another important milestone in our development and will significantly add value to the service we provide to our pool members. Being able to call upon a highly efficient, transparent and quality controlled bunker procurement operation is critical to our business and positions us to face the challenges of fuel transition in the shipping sector,” commented Panos Dimitracopoulos, CEO of The Signal Maritime. 


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