Starbucks: Sustainable sourcing in partnership with Arla

Starbucks partners with Arla Foods to further its sustainable sourcing of dairy products to reduce its carbon emissions

In an announcement made by Arla Foods, the farmer-owned dairy cooperative has partnered with Starbucks to further the leading coffee chain’s efforts to source sustainably. 

Currently, dairy emissions account for 22% of Starbucks’ global carbon emissions. In partnership with Arla Foods, the two will work on a three-year pilot to create an industry-leading sustainable sourcing blueprint. The blueprint will support suppliers across Starbucks Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

Starbucks 2030 goals include: 

  • 50% reduction in carbon emissions
  • 50% reduction of water withdrawal through conservation or replenishment
  • 50% reduction in waste sent to landfills

Arla Farmers: Some of the most carbon-efficient dairy farmers in the world

Being some of the most carbon-efficient dairy farmers in the world, producing milk with half the emissions of the global average, Arla is a prime candidate for Starbucks to work directly with to identify innovative new farming practices and industry-leading methods to reduce associated emissions. 

Underscored by Arla’s sustainability research and development work, Starbucks and 14 Arla farmers will be focusing on environmental stewardship, animal health and welfare, and ensuring profitability for the farmers. The pilot will be independently validated by a third party who will support and advise on the development of industry best practices.

“This partnership with Arla and the dairy farming community underpins our commitment to produce high quality and responsibly sourced products. Starbucks and Arla share a commitment to upholding the highest standards in agriculture. As a farmer-owned business, Arla’s approach – including their cooperative principles – make them the right partner for us,” said Alex Rayner, General Manager at Starbucks UK.

“Purchasing sustainable dairy is integral to our work expanding our environmentally friendly menu options while enhancing the Starbucks Experience. Customising beverages has and always will be at the heart of Starbucks, and this programme will help ensure that best practice carbon reduction strategies are being implemented across our entire milk and dairy alternative selection."


Arla Foods: Pricing sustainable dairy for over two decades

For more than two decades, Arla Foods 9,400 dairy farmers have been working to produce sustainable dairy. Its production methods include emissions reductions, actions to boost natural cycles, and commitment to some of the highest standards of animal welfare.

“It is a huge testament to the sustainable farming practice of our owners that Starbucks has chosen Arla to support its sustainable sourcing development work. Our carbon net-zero ambition recognises the importance of both lowering emissions and providing a helping hand to nature, but it is hugely important that Starbucks has also acknowledged the importance of taking a farmer first approach to deliver this. I hope it also provides reassurance to Starbucks customers to know that behind every cup is a combined effort to support farmers to run profitable and sustainable dairy farms,” said Graham Wilkinson, Group Senior Agriculture Director at Arla Foods.

“I am very excited to go on this journey with Starbucks. Whilst Arla’s dairy farmers are at the forefront of reducing emissions of dairy, it has to be recognised that this comes at a cost to production, our action can only be as fast as our finances allow. In joining the Arla UK 360 programme, Starbucks has shown recognition of this whilst its blueprint ambitions also demonstrate an understanding that sustainable sourcing must meet the criteria of good nutrition made with lower emissions and a helping hand for nature,” said Mark Glanvill is one of the Dairy farmers selected to be a part of the pilot.


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