JAGGAER helps procurement achieve sustainability goals

Collaborating with experts in sustainability, JAGGAER is helping procurement achieve its sustainability goals while continuing to drive value

In partnership with Supply Management, JAGGAER’s latest webinar titled Taking Charge of Sustainability through the Power of Data highlighted the digital procurement software and solutions provider’s efforts to help the industry achieve its sustainability goals.

During the webinar, the experts agreed that transparency and visibility will be critical for supply chain and procurement to achieve its ESG goals. Surveying the audience, 63% of companies have only just started their sustainable procurement journey; 28% have established a programme with clear goals or have a fully mature program.

While it is likely that progress in this area will come with technology and software applications, 58% are yet to use technology to pursue sustainable procurement. 

When asked what is driving their efforts to be more sustainable, 41% of organisations stated that it was simply ‘the right thing to do’, compared to 21% stating government pressures, and 5% for cost savings. 

Shaun McCarthy OBE, Director, Action Sustainability 

Working in sustainable procurement for over 20 years, Shaun McCarthy was awarded an OBE for his services to sustainability over the years. Currently a Director at Action Sustainability, McCarthy, during JAGGAER’s webinar, reflected on the significance of the supply chain in modern organisations with most day to day functions running through the supply chain.

“So how is it anything but obvious that sustainability is becoming front and centre in terms of a competence and a deliverable for procurement professionals? In fact, it could be argued that the sustainability agenda will be delivered through procurement professionals,” said McCarthy.

Maria Eugenia Ceballos Hunziker, Group Head Sustainable Procurement and Impact Valuation, Holcim

When it comes to sustainable procurement, Maria Eugenia Ceballos Hunziker sees two important pillars to achieve success - compliance and taking the environment into account with every purchasing decision.

“First, doing things right, which means compliance with the growing volume of regulations on the environment and human rights. And then doing the right things, which means that every purchasing decision should take account of the impact on the environment, water quality, biodiversity and so on. The nice thing is that procurement professionals have it in their power to make a positive change,” said Hunziker.

Roger Blumberg, VP Corporate & Product Marketing, JAGGAER

Expressing that procurement is no longer about simply getting the best price, Roger Blumberg explained that modern procurement is about giving business to those that are environmentally responsible. “In my 30 years of being in the procurement space, I literally have never seen a movement to take off at such a pace.”

To watch the webinar, click here.


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