Finland’s public vehicle procurement transformation

Finnish health & social services reform involves adherence to environmental requirements in public vehicle procurement and phasing out fossil fuels

The happiest country in the world just got a little bit greener.

In Finland, the environmental and energy efficiency requirements across transport services are to be reviewed, following a new reform, The Act. 

The Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications will begin preparing the legislative amendments, for sustainable public vehicle procurement. 

Finnish public procurement reform implements the EU Clean Vehicle Directive

In August 2021 The Act forced the local and central government in Finland to make certain that there were a proportion of zero and low-emission vehicles in the public procurement processes. 

The Act applies to the procurement of vehicles and transport services such as school transport, waste collection, local bus transport and transport reimbursed by the Social Insurance Institution of Finland. 

The Act follows the EU Clean Vehicle Directive, to phase out the use of fossil fuel vehicles in public fleets.

The Act on environmental and energy efficiency requirements in vehicle and transport services procurement promotes the use of alternative fuels such as electricity, gas and biofuels. 

Sustainable procurement or the happiest country in the world

For four consecutive years, the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network has named Finland as the happiest country in the world. Prime Minister Sanna Marin, who was sworn in at the age of 34, is the world's youngest serving state leader, leading the world’s happiest nation. She has supported Europe’s plan to reach carbon neutrality by 2050, including through the phasing out of fossil fuels. 

“New technologies will enable a major shift toward sustainably fuelled transportation in many developed and developing countries,” said Marin. “They will not only allow us to reduce global CO2 emissions, but will also position many industries to become carbon-negative in the future.”


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