Streamlining Expenses with SAP Concur Cloud Solutions

SAP Concur is the world’s leading brand for integrated travel, expense, and invoice management solutions, helping businesses streamline operations

SAP Concur is the premier brand globally for comprehensive travel, expense, and invoice management solutions. These cloud-based software solutions are designed to guide employees through business trips, move authorised charges directly into expense reports, and automate invoice approvals, helping businesses streamline operations, reduce errors, and gain valuable insights.

Additionally, visibility into spend allows organisations to proactively manage their spend and contribute to the organisation’s overall business objectives, which benefits everyone from small businesses to enterprises.

How SAP Concur streamlines finances

SAP Concur has more than 93 million end users booking travel and/or processing expenses. Concur Travel & Expense are the world’s most widely adopted corporate travel and expense solutions, with 49% market share according to IDC.

When it comes to invoicing, if an organisation still relies on manual, paper-based AP methods, they're squandering an opportunity to enhance their entire operation.

Through its range of services, SAP can digitise and automate the invoicing process, making the tasks less laborious, reducing errors and offering valuable insights to make informed decisions.

Concur Invoice enables companies to capture, process and pay invoices. Additionally, organisations are able to:

  • Manage Accounts Payable efficiently 
  • Utilise a mobile-friendly, cloud-based platform
  • Ensure compliance and mitigate risk
  • Expedite supplier payments
  • Customise settings and workflows
  • Safeguard data with top-notch security measures 
  • Easily identify duplicate invoices

With its services offering tools to help everyone from small business to enterprises, SAP Concur offers a range of services tailored to different industries and company sizes, enabling businesses to simplify their financial operations and improve overall productivity.

Staying on the cutting edge

SAP Concur unveiled new product and partnership advancements at SAP Concur Fusion 2024. Leveraging generative AI, they enhance travel and expense management experiences. AI-driven features in Concur Request and ExpenseIt streamline trip planning and expense processing while Generative AI search in Concur Support delivers quick answers to queries. Additionally, Concur Travel introduced new integrations for hotel and rail content, with Microsoft Teams to make sharing itineraries with co-workers easier, and with Thrust Carbon to enable sustainability-based travel decisions.

The revamped Concur Expense experience, powered by AI and optimised for mobile, includes the following new capabilities:

Key facts
  • Automatic expense entry, itemization, and categorisation with ExpenseIt
  • Timeline view of expenses
  • Intelligent notifications such as missing receipts, missing attendees or expense reports ready for submission
  • Attendee suggestion based on expense type and amount

Plus, through a new partnership with Mastercard, expense creation for Mastercard transactions is automated. SAP Concur's new global integration facilitates the receipt of real-time spend data from Mastercard corporate card purchases to automatically populate expense reports in Concur Expense and alert users if additional information is needed.

New partnerships all the time

SAP Concur is constantly announcing new partnerships, alongside already established partners in American Airlines, Marriott International, Hertz and Uber. With over 700 partners, the SAP Concur partner ecosystem enables customers to maximise the value of their SAP Concur solutions. 

It also works with Amtrak, the US National Railroad Passenger Corporation. Through the Concur TripLink ecosystem, SAP Concur customers enjoy seamless integration for booking and expensing rail travel.

This partnership enhances the travel experience, providing flexibility, sustainability, and rewards for business travellers. With the integration, corporate passengers gain convenience, comfort, and reduced environmental impact.

Amtrak's direct connection integration with Concur Travel further streamlines booking processes. Concur TripLink supports over 14,000 customers and offers flexible booking options while ensuring compliance and capturing invisible spend.

“Staying ahead with innovative technologies like Amtrak’s integration with Concur TripLink offers flexibility and productivity that today’s business travellers demand, while allowing travel managers to have complete visibility into policy-compliant spend,” says Charlie Sultan, President of Concur Travel, at SAP.

Charlie Sultan, President of Concur Travel, at SAP (Credit: LinkedIn)

Transforming accounts payable processes with Concur Invoice

By leveraging automation, organisations can streamline tasks, reduce errors, and gain valuable insights for informed decision-making. Companies like Rightmove, Landbay and Dermalogica all speak of the cost savings and efficiency improvements achieved with Concur Invoice.

Additionally, SAP Concur offers integrations with other financial services and solutions including Concur Expense and Concur Travel, enabling businesses to create a comprehensive spend management system.

Good for the planet and your pocket

While SAP highlights its ability to offer the best in automation of invoices, its benefits extend beyond just the financial management, with a positive impact on both supply chains and sustainability efforts.

Efficiency: By automating processes such as invoice management, SAP Concur solutions help businesses streamline their supply chain operations. Reduced time and resources required for tasks like invoice processing, approval workflows, and supplier payments leads to efficiency that not only accelerates the pace of operations but also enhances overall supply chain performance.

Visibility and transparency: SAP Concur provides real-time visibility into travel and expense spending across the organisation. Businesses can track expenses related to travel , and other operational activities, gaining insights into where funds are being allocated. This visibility enables better decision-making, allowing companies to identify cost-saving opportunities, negotiate better terms with suppliers, and mitigate financial risks.

Compliance and risk management: With SAP Concur, businesses can enforce compliance with corporate policies and regulatory requirements. Solutions offer tools for monitoring spending against predefined policies, flagging potential violations, and implementing controls to mitigate risks. This ensures that all transactions adhere to internal guidelines and external regulations, reducing the likelihood of financial penalties or reputational damage.

Sustainability initiatives: SAP Concur supports sustainability initiatives by providing insights into environmental impact and promoting responsible spending practices. For example, Concur Travel can track carbon emissions associated with travel activities, enabling companies to assess their ecological footprint and identify opportunities for reduction before travel even begins. Additionally, by streamlining processes and reducing paper-based transactions, SAP Concur contributes to environmental sustainability by minimising waste and resource consumption.

SAP Concur has received prestigious awards (Credit: SAP)

Award-winning solutions 

SAP Concur has received prestigious awards for its outstanding performance in expense management software. It earned TrustRadius' 2022 Most Loved Award and was recognized for its user-friendly interface, budget visibility, and mobile receipt capture.

Additionally, it won the 2024 G2 Best Software Award for Best Accounting and Finance Software, marking its fifth consecutive win.

“Buyers have a wide range of Expense Management options to choose from,” says Megan Headley, VP of Research at TrustRadius.

“SAP Concur earned a Top-Rated award based directly on customer feedback. Reviewers on TrustRadius highlight SAP Concur’s variety of features, customer service, and overall ease of use.”

G2 also named SAP Concur a Leader in Expense Management, Travel Management, and Invoice Management categories in its Spring 2024 Grid Reports, highlighting its excellence in meeting requirements and usability across various business segments. These accolades underscore SAP Concur's commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.


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