Nov 13, 2021

Transport Day at DeepStream: travel needs to change

Helen Adams
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DeepStream sets a new bar for sustainable business transactions in the supply chain - for suppliers and buyers - to help businesses reach net zero

IT services company DeepStream is dedicated to transforming buyer-to-supplier communication and transaction. The business has a fierce commitment to sustainability, as DeepStream aspires to help those involved in supply chain processes meet their net zero targets.

Founded in London, 2016, DeepStream intends to set a new standard for sustainable business transactions across the supply chain - for suppliers and buyers.  

Yet, the release statement for Cop26 Transportation Day has left many disappointed and dissatisfied with the pledges made. The argument supporting this is that the statement has not made any strides or commitments beyond the pledge made in July, with the addition of new designs for electric charging points.


Net zero roadmap

The tension seems to exist between the likes of the The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) who released a Net Zero roadmap yesterday in partnership with the UN Environment Programme.

This was in recognition that travel and transportation relates to 8-10% of the greenhouse gas emissions and stating that “with more ambitious targets' ' some industries could reach Net zero before 2050. 


Greatly needed changes for the transport sector

Transportation Secretary, Grant Shapps, has called for more ambitious, yet realistic, targets and he hopes to find a solution for “guilt-free travel”.

“There are some changes in the way we live our lives”, said Shapps. “One of those changes should not be the inability to go and visit your friends and family and do business.”

At Altera Infrastructure, Supply Chain Director Oystein Torlen, hopes that using DeepStream can create sustainable processes.

“We have a clear goal of evaluating every single 3rd party in the RFx process”, said Torlen. “Sustainability isn’t just about energy and climate change. For us, evaluating suppliers means everything from how suppliers treat wastewater, to their industrial processes, and how they manage their supply chain. It also includes supplier’s ethical standards: do they respect human rights and have decent labour conditions? Using DeepStream, we have clear visibility, transparency and auditability throughout the supply chain, allowing us to keep our suppliers and ourselves accountable to ESG commitments”.

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