Top speakers from P&SC LIVE 2023 - Editor's Choice

Procurement Magazine takes a look some of the highlights from Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE and looks ahead to its upcoming events in 2024

Recipe for Success – People Centric Transformation in Hospitality

Speaking at Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE 2023 executives from Compass Group, IBM and Basware discuss people-centric transformation in the hospitality sector.


  • Sue Kay, Group Transformation Director at Compass Group
  • Nathan Pearce, Partner at IBM

Moderated by Bob Booth, Head of Strategy Enablement at Basware.

"The people challenges are always the most difficult thing. So when you're designing a transformation program, for me, you have to start [here]," said Kay.

Who are we? Who we need to be?

Jonathan Wharfe, Supply Chain Director of Operations, at Transport for London deep dives into the daily operations and wider strategies of one of the UK’s leading transportation companies. 

Diving into the multifaceted role of procurement at Transport for London (TFL), Wharfe discusses the complexities of managing a substantial budget and diverse contracts. 

"We have a great opportunity to affect the environment. We have a great opportunity to affect social justice, social inclusion,” he said.

Optimising Healthcare Delivery: A Keynote on Supply Chain Strategy with the NHS

Speaking at Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE 2023, Andrew New, CEO, of NHS Supply Chain discusses the healthcare systems optimisation of healthcare delivery.

Managing £6.5 to £7bn in annual spend on medical devices, consumables, and diagnostics, New acknowledges the complexities that come with an evolving global landscape. New stresses the need for agility and flexibility in supply chains and organisational structures.

“We, as the NHS supply chain, ensure that every pound spent by the government is spent wisely for outstanding products and services across the healthcare system,” he said. 

Unlocking ESG Targets through Strategic Sourcing

Explaining that the global conversation regarding ESG targets is something that started years ago, Patsy Duncan, Global Procurement Senior Director, PepsiCo acknowledges the gradual progress made when it comes to embracing ESG targets in recent years.

With this in mind, she stresses the crucial role that procurement and supply chain professionals play in driving the successful achievement of meeting ESG targets. She presents a seven-step formula and execution plan to reach ESG targets.

“‘Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible to the visible.’ If we don't have ESG targets and we don't know where we're heading, we will just be wandering in the ocean of possibilities,” she said. 

Overcoming Procurement Challenges and Enabling Innovation with Digital Marketplaces

Speaking at Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE 2023, Matt Yanchyshyn, General Manager and Partner Engineering at AWS discussed the role of procurement in a modern business environment, the transformational benefits that digital marketplaces can provide, and the CPO’s role in enabling agility and efficiency in modern enterprises.

"Visibility when you procure through digital marketplaces increases greatly... You can see all of your thousands of vendor listings in one place,” said Yanchyshyn.

The Procurement Strategies Forum

Speaking at Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE 2023, executives from AWS< Novartis and CIPS discuss diversity and inclusion in procurement strategies.


  • Cameron Smith, Global Procurement Senior Partner of Professional Services, Novartis
  • Matt Yanchyshyn, General Manager, AWS
  • Abeer Abu Sada, Head of Procurement and Chairwomen, CIPS 

Emphasising the integral role that diversity and inclusion play in influencing the business strategy at Novartis, Smith highlights the importance of diversity, including factors such as geography, race, sexual orientation, and gender.

“Diversity and inclusion is one of the mainstays of the organisation and it's one of the stated goals of the C-suite and also supported by the board,” says Smith.

The transformative journey of procurement

Kickstarting the event, Mark Gilham, Evangelist at Enable discussed various aspects of technology and its impact on procurement and supply chains. 

Prevalent to the business world, technology has transformative capabilities across various industries. But Gilham emphasises the importance of adopting the right kind of technology for specific needs, rather than simply following trends. 

“There's so much technology out there. Those who are using it - whether they're embracing it or reluctantly adopting it -  technology is affecting us all of the time [...] but I'm not going to sit here and tell you you have to adopt technology because it's about the right technology that we have to adopt and embrace,” said Gilham.

The Digital Procurement Forum

The first panel of Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE 2023, executives from bp, Suppeco, Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority, and MTN Group discussed digital procurement.


  • Nicholas Wright, Director of Procurement Innovation (Digital & Talent) at bp
  • Sheldon Mydat, Founder & CEO of Suppeco
  • Waleed AlSaeedi, Director of Supply Chain Management at Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority
  • Dirk Karl, Group Executive and Chief Procurement Officer at MTN Group

During the panel, the four executives deep-dived into various aspects of digital procurement and its impact on the wide processes. 

“Digital procurement can fundamentally change the nature of procurement and what we do with the function, especially in efficiency and effectiveness. But also providing your procurement teams with additional space and time to do the deep thinking, the partnerships, and the data analysis. It provides the bandwidth and the thinking time to achieve bigger results than just pushing out spreadsheets or running RFPs,” explained Wright. 

Upcoming events in 2024…

Returning for another year, Procurement Magazine and Supply Chain Digital will be hosting five events in 2024:

  • Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE Singapore (Virtual)
  • Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE Dubai (Virtual)
  • Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE New York (Virtual)
  • Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE London (Hybrid)
  • The Global Procurement & Supply Chain Awards

Keep an eye out for more information coming in 2024 on these amazing events. In the meantime, click here to register your interest.


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