Supply Chain Digital Show: Sustainability, risk & sourcing

Did you tune in to this week’s Supply Chain Digital Show? This week we spoke with Software Advice’s Olivia Montgomery, & looked at the latest industry tren

This week Sean Ashcroft, Editor in Chief of Supply Chain Digital and Georgia Wilson, Editor in Chief of Procurement Magazine took to LinkedIn to host The latest episode of the Supply Chain Digital Show. 

Industry trends in the world of procurement and supply chain

Kickstarting the Show, Ashcroft and Wilson discussed some of the recent trends in the world of procurement and supply chain. 

Ashcroft began by highlighting the significance of AI in supply chains and how adoption of such technology at scale can drive success. Ashcroft also discussed the importance role third party logistics (3PL) and fourth party logistics (4PL) providers play in the industry when it comes to early disruption identification following an interview with Ashley Naughton, Supply Director, Capgemini.

In addition to Ashcroft’s insights, Wilson discussed the shift in spend management strategies. In particular, organisations are prioritising a holistic and integrated approach to their suppliers, driving value beyond simply cost savings. 

Sticking with the sourcing theme, Wilson went on to discuss another trend centred around the adoption of sourcing optimisation technology to drive an effective digital transformation in procurement.

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Olivia Montgomery, Associate Principal Supply Chain analyst at Software Advice

Joining Ashcroft and Wilson, Olivia Montgomery, Associate Principal Supply Chain analyst at Software Advice, a subsidiary of Gartner spoke with the two to discuss the company and its services, as well as her recently produced sustainability report, and the biggest challenges in the next five years.

Procurement Magazine and Supply Chain Digital feature spotlight

Finally, the two rounded off the show by taking a look at the latest issues of the publications, discussing some of the latest features.

Ashcroft discussed two features, one on the retail industry and its shift to technology to increase agility and the importance of rail freight if businesses are to hit net zero targets.

Wilson also discussed a feature in which she looked at the fundamentals of responsible sourcing with the CEO and Co-Founder of HICX, Costas Xyloyiannis and the Head of Digital Innovation at Tradeshift, Jonathan Laverentz.

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