Saqara’s £7.6mn sees tech platform branch out to the UK

Saqara, a French construction technology platform, has its sights set across the channel after successfully raising £7.6mn to fund its expansion to the UK

After successfully raising £7.6mn, Saqara is ready to set sail for the UK, with the French construction technology platform setting its sights on expanding its clientele abroad. The digital procurement platform recently hit the jackpot after completing the largest French Series A Contech fundraising round. But the company’s ambitions, now bolstered by the success of its recent financial boost, are taking off, targeting not just the UK but beyond. 

A/O PropTech led the investment round, with companies such as Activum SG, Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation, Concrete VC, and Leigh Jasper all contributing to the impressive £7.6mn total. 

Digital procurement programme sets sight abroad

“We are delighted to welcome new partners and to work towards building tomorrow’s world together,” says the President of Saqara, Alexandre Brochot. “This financing round will be indispensable to our goal to continuously innovate and develop our products and to offer our current and future clients an unrivalled quality of service and user experience that will fully meet their expectations. 

“We will also be able to accelerate our international growth by expanding to 4 countries annually.”

The money raised will fund the procurement platform’s plans to expand its services throughout Europe, eyeing up Germany, the Netherlands, and - in particular - the UK. 

But why the emphasis on the UK? 

The country remains a major global trendsetter when it comes to the construction sector, and Saqara believes it can be the digital procurement platform the UK will need to ensure its construction industry remains up-to-date in the new digital world, simplified to maintain low costs, and efficient to accelerate progress. 

Targeting the digitalisation of the UK construction industry

It seems Saqara is chasing a fresh start, not only revamping its international ambitions but moving its branding away from its previous name: AOS aka Appels d’Offres Simplifiés. The company’s additional goal of developing a fresh, modern strategic hub in Tunisia will, in theory, see an improvement regarding its MENA footprint. 

A/O PropTech’s Chief Data Officer, Othmane Zrikem, is confident that the company’s money is well placed, believing Saqara to hold an abundance of potential for growth and expansion for the future.

“We are extremely proud to lead Saqara’s Series A as it expands into the UK, Germany and North Africa. We have been impressed by Saqara’s core product which has processed over €18bn of construction and infrastructure tenders since 2018. 

“Saqara is the leading European ConTech platform for bid management process and we are excited about the new products currently under development which will help further revolutionise the construction industry going forward.”


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