JAGGAER: 10 questions that shape the future of procurement

Simon Thompson explains how JAGGAER’s list of 10 critical questions can ensure procurement becomes a competitive advantage for supply chain businesses

With the emergence of procurement as an essential area of supply chain expertise, organisations will look to incorporate the process into their strategies to remain competitive post-COVID. It’s important that businesses understand where to begin and appreciate how procurement can enable a competitive advantage—now and in the future. 

No business is the same and JAGGAER has recognised this over the years with its procurement solutions that support strategies for cost-reduction and spend management, supply chain transparency and efficiency, and supplier management. Leveraging digital tools will enhance companies’ procurement capabilities and allow them to scale their procurement processes much faster. 

So, as a procurement or business leader, what answers do you need? This list of questions, devised by JAGGAER, has been created to help all companies of varying sizes and industries. 

10 questions to leverage a competitive advantage with procurement

The 10 Critical Questions to Ensure Procurement Becomes a Competitive Advantage are designed to provoke insights into a firm’s processes and understand how procurement can be integrated to enhance the business strategy. 

This step in procurement planning allows organisations to analyse the areas where a procurement solution can provide benefits and identify areas where it may not be necessary to meet the goals of the company. 

‘By asking these 10 critical questions you’ll start a larger dialogue that will lead to procurement making a significant contribution to your organisation’s competitive advantage and greater perception that procurement is well placed to contribute significantly to its future success.’, says Simon Thompson, Sales Director at JAGGAER. ‘This is a crossroads for the procurement function, the choice is ours to make, but it’s up to all of us to make it happen’.

Once procurement leaders have a clear overview of their procurement needs, they can begin to adopt the necessary technologies and digital tools to optimise their procurement processes. 

To find out more about JAGGAER’s procurement solutions, click here.


Hear from Simon Thompson in the Leadership Panel at Procurement & Supply Chain Live 2021.


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