IRS welcomes new Deputy Chief Procurement Officer

Guy Torres assumes the role of Deputy Chief Procurement Officer as he joins the US Internal Revenue Service to revamp its procurement processes

It’s not every day you’re recruited by the US Federal Government’s revenue branch - the Internal Revenue Service. But retired Marine Corps officer, Guy Torres, has stepped into the role with a sense of innovative optimism, keen to begin applying his industry experience to help streamline the institution’s procurement processes. 

As the Internal Revenue Service’s newly appointed Deputy Chief Procurement Officer, the federal acquisition space expert is ready to flaunt his portfolio and ensure maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. And what a portfolio Mr Torres holds.

The new senior officer: who is Mr Torres?

Prior to his joining the Internal Revenue Service, Mr Torres held the position of Portfolio Director for Pacific Architect Engineering, responsible for overseeing the management of its Department of Homeland Security portfolio.

Mr Torres has previously had experience working with Northrop Grumman’s US$1.2bn technology and service support portfolio, aiding in management and supporting DHS. He was directly responsible for stimulating business growth and ensuring efficient strategies were developed to increase customer engagement, thereby raising customer satisfaction regarding the quality of client deliverables as a result.

Additionally, Mr Torres was also a director at the US Customers and Border Protection, in charge of IT contracting and maintaining the smooth operation of the biggest IT procurement portfolio in the DHS in more than five years. 

Mr Torres graduated from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in the Capture Strategy Executive Programme, as well as the Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government in the Senior Executive Fellows Programme.

What does the Internal Revenue Service do?

The Internal Revenue Service is responsible for the administration of federal tax laws that the US Congress chooses to implement. In essence, the branch of government deals with the processing of tax returns, provides a taxpayer service, and acts as an enforcement body. It’s also responsible for investigating criminal activity and managing tax-exempt companies.


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