Digital and Innovation Sourcing Director

Nick Wright is bp’s digital and innovation sourcing director, having spent eight years with the company. Nick is responsible for directing professionals across multiple markets to deliver technology deals with around a billion dollars in digital spend. 

He heads up the digital & innovation sourcing team, who are deal specialists for digital technologies (Blockchain, IoT, Cloud Services, Cyber, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Automation, Robotics etc) across bp and are responsible for the way in which bp approaches the market and secures supply in this space. Working across the business, the team is here to land technology deals which are either highly complex, or innovative.

The need to move from a natural oil and gas focus to a clean energy mission has driven a large portion of Nick’s strategy, with transformation serving as the backbone of this shift. Nick believes in harnessing the power of digital to move work out of the system and has seen through a number of innovative processes being transformed for efficiency. 

Nick is a bold leader and believes in the beauty of being imperfect as the steppingstone for innovation. Nick has always been keen on understanding the nuances of supplier performance, having previously worked with First Data Corporation and Wordplay as a supplier performance manager. and lent his expertise to Barclays and Transport for London (TfL). Nick has a degree in Combined Science (Computer Science and Biology) from Nottingham Trent University and was a member of the IAOP (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals) UK and Ireland chapter’s leadership team.

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We used to be supply-led, meaning we had a commodity and we would release that to the market and that's our bread and butter. But as we reinvented ourselves and created a more digital organisation, we became demand-led.
Author name
Nick Wright
Job Title, Company
Digital and Innovation Sourcing Director, bp
The value of implementing new digital tools, is that it can takes work out of the system by delivering a scope that was previously resource intensive, using real-time data to make accurate decisions. Essentially, we’re using our history to determine our f
Author name
Nick Wright
Job Title, Company
Digital and Innovation Sourcing Director, bp

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