Norwell Engineering’s US$30mn India development deal

Norwell Engineering inks its latest contract with ONGC worth approximately US$30mn to develop India’s deepwater field in the Bay of Bengal

Winning a US$30mn contract with ONGC is engineering and drilling project management firm, Norwell Engineering. The Scottish company has inked an agreement to provide its services to the Indian oil organisation as ONGC develops its KG-DWN-98/2 deepwater field - one of the biggest in the world - near the east coast of India. 

The contract merely seals in Norwell’s continued collaboration on the project, having already been awarded an agreement in 2018. The engineering firm will now monitor and develop the second and final drilling and installation phases, rounding off the three-rig project and finishing what it started.

Continuation of contract for Norwell from ONGC

“Norwell has a longstanding commitment to operations in India and we look forward to continuing our successful partnership with ONGC on this major project and seeing the project through to first oil,” says Iain Adams, Managing Director of Norwell Engineering. “This is a complex field development which utilises some of the most advanced oil field technologies in drilling and completions.

“Despite the far-reaching impact of the pandemic, we are proud to have been able to continue supporting ONGC without interruption, thanks to our excellent team who stepped up to ensure they could safely keep the project on track.”

Continuing to work hand in hand with Norwell will be its fellow Scottish company, Axis Well Technology. Paul Handsley, Axis’ Well Operations Director, is optimistic about the campaign’s future as both companies now eye up the finishing line. 

"As one of the world's highest-profile deepwater field developments we are proud to once again be working alongside Norwell to help bring our expertise in completion design, flow assurance and completions installation to India. 

“We have been working with Norwell on projects for over a decade and this project is a great example of that collaboration in practice. We share the same philosophy in our approach to projects and as a result, bring an industry-leading service to clients around the world."

Norwell Engineering and Axis Well Technology shine spotlight on Scottish excellence

Norwell has an impressive portfolio, successfully delivering over 400 wells over six continents. Kevin Liu, Head of Energy, APAC, at Scottish Development International, highlights how both companies are exhibiting Scottish expertise.

"It is a great example to see these two highly experienced Scottish companies exporting so successfully to India. These are highly technical and complex projects, and Scotland leads the way in the services needed to make them happen safely and efficiently."



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