Apr 21, 2021

RAK Department of Finance to digitalise acquisitions

Tilly Kenyon
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Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) is to digitalise its public procurement systems with an agreement with RheinBrücke
Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) is to digitalise its public procurement systems with an agreement alongside RheinBrücke...

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Department of Finance has shortlisted Europe-based RheinBrücke’s product MeRLIN (Material eResource Linked Information Network) to digitalise its public procurement systems in order to improve quality, accountability, and transparency across all operations.

The partnership is in line with the UAE government’s ongoing efforts to improve efficiencies in both the public and private sectors through digitalization.

His Excellency Mohammed Hassan Alnoman, Chairman of RheinBrücke Middle East, and His Excellency Yousuf Ali Mohammed, Director General of Department of Finance, RAK signed the agreement in the presence of senior representatives of the two entities.

The Department of Finance, RAK will use MeRLIN, a strategic sourcing solution that provides integrated sourcing process automation, under the terms of the project charter. MeRLIN is also mandated to support the department with supplier relationship management and planning, as well as provide advanced analytics support in its digital transformation journey.

Digitalising the infastructure

His Excellency Yousuf Ali Mohammed, said: “As part of our efforts to enhance our digital infrastructure and capabilities across all operations, this project will enable us to introduce the most advanced practices that comply with the highest standards in the country’s government sector. We are committed to continuously enhancing the financial planning process, budgeting and public procurement to achieve greater financial control, transparency and efficiency.” 

Digitalisation and a shift in consumer preferences during the pandemic has disrupted the industry across the Middle East. According to the International Data Corporation, the Middle East, Turkey and Africa (META) region is expected to spend US$20 billion on digital transformation initiatives this year and up to US$40 billion by 2022.

The strategic collaboration between the RAK Department of Finance and RheinBrücke to digitally transform the procurement experience has started with a proof of concept (POC). 

The current phase of the MeRLIN solution focuses on five processes relevant to the government procurement cycle including vendor management and registration, tendering, auction management, supplier invoice management, and spend management, as per the report.

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Jul 21, 2021

Sourcengine: Up 252% on Forecast Amid Component Shortages

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Sourcengine, the electronic component industry’s leading eCommerce marketplace, has made significant progress towards its goal of evolving procurement

Sourcengine, the electronic component industry’s leading eCommerce marketplace, has today announced that it had come leaps and bounds on its ambition of bringing both sourcing and purchasing ‘into the future’. After an incredibly successful first half of the year, the company has smashed several targets and continues on a trajectory of exponential growth, alongside its parent company and developer, Sourceability, which beat forecasts in both Q1 and Q2 on its way to 58% first-half revenue growth versus the same period in 2020. 


Sourcengine Q1 and Q2: 

  • The company beat its first-half revenue forecast by 252%; 
  • Shipped revenue has increased by 60%,
  • ...as new users on the platform grew by 72%,
  • ...courtesy of a whopping 373% in global search traffic. 


"Pandemic-related challenges have opened many eyes to the weaknesses of existing procurement and supply chain processes," said Jens Gamperl, CEO of Sourceability. "We have been working to address these challenges by offering a more digital solution for over five years now, and the first half of this year shows the demand is growing for this approach."


Why’s This Important?

The COVID-19-induced pandemic has, as you already know, disrupted the global economy exponentially more than any other viral illness ever has. Just like many industries that you hear about on a daily basis, the electronic component and, as a result, electronic manufacturing industries too just as hard a hit. Many component manufacturers were forced to shut down their manufacturing plants and facilities, which led to extreme shortages, particularly in the semiconductor space when demand picked back up as vaccine rollouts began and the parts of the world left lockdown measures behind. 


As we hit the midway point of 2021, there still doesn’t seem to be an end in sight, with the novel Coronavirus continuing to plague us on a multinational scale. When paired with the growing volatility across globally interconnected supply chains, like the Suez Canal blockage, Japanese semiconductor facility fires, and droughts in Taiwan as a result of chipmaking procedures, procurement professionals are starting to question and reexamine age-old processes that are struggling to adapt to the, seemingly, new ‘normal’. 


That’s where Sourcengine swoops in to save the day. Right now, those previously mentioned ‘age-old processes’ involve manual work and are based on multiple, piecemeal negotiation streams. It’s the opposite of what you’d expect in a truly technological time. That’s why the demand to bring the industry into the modern, digital era continually grows. Sourcengine is right on the frontline of that movement with its eCommerce-based platform. 


How Does Sourcengine Work? 

Sourcengine offers more than 550 million parts from more than 3,000 suppliers, giving buyers a slightly more holistic overview of the marketplace. This level of visibility empowers procurement professionals to make purchase decisions based on a complete set of information that they can track directly back to their specific needs ─ accurate data and insights if you like. Both its size and ease of use – including features purpose-built for professional purchasers, like its BOM Tool and Quote It functionalities – position Sourcengine to achieve its goal of disrupting the business-as-usual approach to procurement with a more efficient, digital option.


‘While shortages are rampant now, Sourcengine's growth this year is not a blip on the radar but a [inflexion] point," Gamperl continued. "The world of component purchasing and procurement – which spans so many industries – is at a moment of significant change, and we have spent the past five years positioning ourselves to be at the heart of it. There is still much more to come, and we plan to continue leading the way.’


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