Nov 05, 2021

Maistro: Sustainable procurement with the cloud

Helen Adams
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The cloud
Sustainability in procurement can be achieved, says online B2B Maistro. Utilising the cloud is one way to lower the carbon foot print in procurement

Buying from a company that takes supply chain sustainability seriously is now one of the most important criteria for consumers – and companies need to adapt urgently, says Maistro, an online B2B Marketplace. Founded in 2019, Exeter, UK, Maistro assists in corporate buying and has $2mn in revenue. 

The company sees international supply chains, especially global ones, as at risk in relation to environmental issues. However, an efficient cloud system can help. 


Emissions in the supply chain 

According to CDP, a not-for-profit which runs a global disclosure system, emissions from the supply chain can be up to 11 times higher than emissions from companies which have direct operations. Maistro is adamant that the procurement industry should safeguard the development of sustainable supply chains. 

In addition, online services (including Maistro) cause a strong carbon footprint from just existing:

  • One internet search generates 7 grams of carbon dioxide emissions 
  • 53.6% of the world’s population uses the internet
  • The carbon footprint from gadgets, the internet and the systems supporting them account for about 3.7% of global greenhouse emissions


How the cloud can help procurement become more sustainable 

According to Maistro, moving to the cloud would be a big step for businesses looking to become more sustainable. 

Cloud-based infrastructure and software eliminate the need for physical servers which require:

  • A great deal of hardware
  • The necessary space to fit the hardware
  • A huge power supply to keep it working 

Working with the cloud also allows companies to support their employees with remote work, which is now a norm in many organisations. 

Choosing a procurement solution served by the cloud allows a company to radically reduce its carbon footprint.

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