JAGGAER Builds Siram E-Procurement Platform

Leading Italian water, waste, and energy firm enters the e-procurement playing field courtesy of JAGGAER’s new Supplier Portal

JAGGAER has built an e-procurement platform to help Siram, a leading Italian energy, water, and waste management firm, manage and negotiate digital purchases. Its Supplier Portal will handle all official communication between Siram and its suppliers, ensuring that the firm’s procurement teams can see what’s going on in its supply chains. Said Maurizio Stanca, Siram’s Chief Procurement Officer: ‘The JAGGAER suite has proved to be the most complete, flexible and reliable solution available on the market’. 

How Does e-Procurement Work? 

Essentially, e-procurement digitises manual work. You can send contracts, onboard suppliers, transfer project documents, share RFPs, manage vendors, e-invoice, track order status—just to name a few. By handling these processes online, you can store a better record of what you’ve purchased, who you’ve purchased it from, and how the transaction went. In addition, it’s easier for your strategy teams to examine the computerised data, identify gaps, and improve your procurement systems. 

In the case of the JAGGAER ONE portal, its user base has expanded each month by helping companies realise these benefits. The Supplier Network helps global purchasers and suppliers connect with each other—for free. According to JAGGAER, the platform’s kind of a full package

  • Profile and network listings, searchable by over one million procurement users
  • Support communications and training materials
  • Action notifications and communications received from customers
  • Unlimited number of users and roles for employees

What are Its Benefits?

Whether you’re digitising your S2C (source-to-contract), P2P (purchase-to-pay), or supplier management (SIM and SRM), e-procurement helps ensure that your systems are transparent and visible. In addition, you can automate time-consuming and tedious tasks, re-focus on core objectives, and allow end-users to access the platform without IT support. You may also reach a more diverse, tech-savvy group of suppliers that wants to work with procurement teams that have easy, secure transaction systems. 

Let’s take a look at how Siram and JAGGAER concluded their e-procurement project...

Is It Worth It? 

For Siram, a complex legal entity with four separate divisions, JAGGAER’s e-procurement platform made it possible for the company to optimise its practices; segment its purchasing systems; and weave the new platform into Siram’s legacy Oracle ERP. Within a few weeks—according to JAGGAER—the platform has gained widespread use amongst Siram staff and suppliers. 

‘[Their] attention to innovation and digitalisation...immediately allowed us to establish a relationship based on trust’, said Fabio Moretti. ‘Clear and shared objectives, the identification of complexities and a harmonious approach to the tasks have resulted in the completion of a project with great mutual satisfaction’. He added: ‘We’re very satisfied with the work we have done together’. 


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