First look at BCG procurement book ‘Profit from the source’

Attending ISM World 2022, BCG unveils the first look at its new book ‘Profit from the source: Transform your business by putting suppliers at the core’

“To succeed in challenging times, CEOs must do the seemingly impossible: capture cost savings while achieving additional competitive advantages, including innovation, sustainability, and resilience” - BCG.

During ISM World 2022, Daniel Weise, Managing Director and Partner; and Alenka Triplat, Managing Director and Partner at BCG unveiled the first look at their business strategy book titled: Profit from the source: Transform your business by putting suppliers at the core’.

Co-written by four executives at BCG - Weise; Triplat; Dr. Wolfgang Schnellbächer, Managing Director and Partner; and Christian Schuh, Managing Director and Senior Partner -  the book draws on BCG’s research and the authors' firsthand experience to provide proven strategies that drive a new bottom-line, top-line and growth for a company.

“Procurement can be your company's secret weapon for winning in turbulent times” - BCG.

10 principles for profiting from the source

Providing CEOs with the blueprint for putting suppliers at the heart of their company and empowering the procurement function to extract maximum value, the book identifies 10 principles for how a CEO, the company, and the company’s suppliers must change.

  1. Start at the top 
  2. Treat your suppliers as friends
  3. Empower your ‘shoppers’
  4. Go bionic
  5. Cut costs - fast
  6. Dream big together
  7. Settle for perfection
  8. Share your tomorrows
  9. Get quicker faster - as one
  10. Anticipate the inevitable 

Available for pre-order now, BCG’s book ‘Profit from the source: Transform your business by putting suppliers at the core’ will hit the shelves June, 21, 2022.

Daniel Weise, Managing Director and Partner at BCG attends Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE 2022

During this yea'rs, Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE: The Risk & Resilience Conference, Daniel Weise, Managing Director and Partner at BCG took to the stage on two occasions. 

The first, in a solo keynote where he discussed the upcoming book - Profit from the source: Transform your business by putting suppliers at the core’ - as well as the changing landscape of the procurement function.

“The world is fundamentally changing,” began Weise. “Procurement will change with digitalisation. While the cost of procurement will be the same, teams will be smaller and much more effective as a result, driving greater value from the investment made.”

Watch Weise’s keynote below:

Taking to the stage for a second time, Weise was joined by three others: Geraint John, Vice President of Interos Resilience Lab; David Shepherd, Global Head of Strategic Partners Director and Risk at LSEG; and Scott Birch, Chief Content Officer at BizClik Media Group.

The panellists discussed supply chain risk and resilience, looking at how organisations can improve supply chain visibility, manage known vs. unknown risk, build a ‘risk-aware culture’, create value in the supply chain, and monitor analytics. 

Watch Weise during this panel discussion below:​​​​​​​


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