The Weekly News Round-up: Circular Economies, AI and Data

This week's news round-up takes a look at How to avoid future boom and bust Pandemic Procurement, If Procurement has a culture, AI, Data and more...

How to avoid future boom and bust Pandemic Procurement

Mike Hegarty, Global Supply Chain and Logistics Director of 2SAN, gives us his insights on how procurement can survive future booms and bust scenarios

Does Procurement Have A Culture? — Dawn Tiura, CEO of SIG

On a one-on-one interview with Dawn Tiura, President and CEO of Sourcing Industry Group (SIG), we ask about Culture and its relationship to Procurement

Dan Mitchell—Driving grocery supply chain accuracy with data

COLLABORATING ON DEMAND: Dan Mitchell, Global Director, Retail and Consumer Goods Practice at SAS on driving grocery supply chain accuracy with data

AI-driven autonomous negotiation technology with Martin Rand

CEO and co-founder of Pactum (the AI-driven autonomous negotiation technology), Martin Rand, on AI & Automation in Procurement and beyond...

2023 Trends and Predictions for the e-bike Industry

With consequences for procurement, 2023 to be an exciting year for light electric vehicles, which are at the core of safer, more sustainable cities

Piedmont and Sayona receive go ahead to restart NAL project

Quebec-based lithium mine expected to restart production in Q1 2023, companies say

An interview on Circular Economies with Sam Wallis

Sam Wallis is Product Marketing Manager at Tradeshift. We caught up with him to ask about the ins and outs and roundabouts of circular economies


Featured Articles

COP28: Why suppliers are critical for net-zero

With the arrival of COP28, why are suppliers and procurement teams crucial in net-zero efforts?

Panasonic’s supplier diversity strategy

Panasonic’s Supplier Diversity Programme was established to ensure small businesses are offered the maximum opportunities to do business

US Army: What is the Army Contract Writing System?

The US Army Programme Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems has deployed a new Army Contract Writing System (ACWS)

Gartner: Lack of procurement talent to meet future needs


Electrolux recognises excellence in supplier awards

Supply Chain Management

Candex funding echoes Amazon Business procurement report

Digital Procurement