The Procurement News Round-up: AI, ML, GEP, CO2 & Net Zero

This week's news round-up takes a look at Corporate Knights' Top 100 sustainable companies, Machine learning algorithms, Net Zero, Data as an asset & more

Discovering Rules Through Machine Learning

To what extent will Machine Learning replace rule-based systems? Procurement professionals should take note.

Data emerging as third category for procurement: AEN

Recent analysis reveals that among the traditional assets of goods and services, data is increasingly becoming a third category for procurement

Vouch’s digital-first procurement for Web3 companies

Web3 companies like Ansible Motion are supported by Vouch’s digital-first procurement, which CEO Dan Mottice says is ‘purpose-built for companies like us’

Corporate Knights' 2023 Top 100 Sustainable Companies

Leading media and research organisation Corporate Knights releases its 2023 top 100 sustainability rankings

The many faces of Diversity and Inclusion in Procurement

Diversity and Inclusion in Procurement offers many benefits from the purely financial, through to the ethical and ideational...

Trends shaping the future of SMB procurement: Capterra

Capterra report reveals some of the trends shaping future of procurement from near shoring to software-based emerging tech

GEP: Procurement priorities and supply chain 'miles apart'

GEP study shows that years of disruption and uncertainty has caused a divergence in priorities between procurement (cost control) & supply chain (delivery)

McKinsey: 6 action areas for more orderly energy transition

New McKinsey report outlines changes needed to being about orderly energy transition

Four steps towards achieving a net zero future

Data policy, energy transformation, supply chain initiative and a product strategy: A universal roadmap to sustainability in operations


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The Procurement News Digest: Automation, Burnout and Boom

This week's news round-up looks at TradeCentric's Sean Weber on automation & B2B commerce, TealBook's Katie McEwan on Burnout, Keelar, Platinum & More...

Procurement 2023: 3 Ways Automation Will Drive B2B Commerce

Sean Weber, Vice President of Customer Success at TradeCentric outlines 3 ways that procurement automation will drive B2B Commerce in 2023

The Procurement Girl, Katie McEwen on Procurement Burnout

Procurement Strategy

Procurement analytics market predicted to boom beyond belief

Procurement Strategy

Tesla procurement to ride the wave of electrified EV sales

Procurement Strategy