The Procurement News Digest: Walmart, Citi, SMB, ESG & LASER

This week's procurement news round-up covers digital platforms, ESG, Buyer-Supplier relations, women-owned consulting, circular economy, Capgemini & more

The Procurement News Digest: 

Procurement and data-driven decision making

As big data gets bigger, and procurement climbs the ladder to board-level, data-driven decision making is becoming central to procurement as a function.

Capgemini to hire 3,000 in Egypt in major expansion drive

Global IT & Consulting company Capgemini plans to make Cairo major outsourcing hub with large recruitment drive in Egypt

Walmart & Citi collaborate to bridge SMB access to capital

Digital platform 'Bridge', to connect small- and medium-sized businesses network of 70+ lenders with capacity to offer loans of up to US$10mn

The LASER Framework: Designing for the circular economy

The World Economic Forum presents the LASER Framework to help organisations streamline innovation design for the circular economy in a new article

Is your life sciences workforce strategy futureproof?

Life sciences leaders need a flexible workforce strategy to meet changing business demands. KellyOCG can solve talent shortages and help plan for tomorrow

The Spring Budget and its impacts on procurement

UK budget criticised for lack of support for small businesses & energy costs but aims for long-term growth & investment, with implications for procurement

From Strain to Strength: Supplier-Buyer relations improving

The pandemic caused disruption to supply chains & strained relationships between buyers and suppliers. As the situation eases, new patterns are emerging

How ESG Can Make or Break Your Business in 2023: Forbes

Environmental, Social Governance (or 'ESG') has become a trendy "buzzword" according to Forbes, and here's why it's more than just a fad

3 Ways to promote parity for women-owned consulting firms

Workplace transformation expert and founder of notion consulting Christine Andrukonis, on achieving supplier diversity and empowering women in consulting


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