The Procurement News Digest: Farmers fight and AI superpower

This week's news round-up looks at strategic sourcing with Scoutbee's CEO, supercharging procurement with artificial intelligence, and fighting for farmers

How Strategic Sourcing Empowers Procurement Leaders

Gregor Stühler, Co-Founder & CEO at Scoutbee demonstrates how Strategic Sourcing can empower Procurement Executives to take control in times of uncertainty

Cognizant’s diligently curated GfK modernisation partnership

Cognizant's Anuj Seth–Chief Delivery Officer, Central Europe–discusses the company’s partnership with GfK, transforming for the modern age & sustainability

Driving Sustainable Sourcing: Delivering the Difference

67% of consumers set on purchasing sustainable products as social and environmental considerations become core driver

Supercharging Procurement with AI and Automation

Changes: The world, Procurement, AI and Automation according to David Doyle, CEO and co-founder of Forestreet

High Inflation? Address Your Indirect Spend!

Procurement expert Keith Hausmann on a new way of dealing with inflation: rationalising your indirect, not direct, spend

Towards a circular economy through Data & Visibility: GS1 US

Melanie Nuce, Senior Vice President of Innovation & Partnerships at GS1 US on establishing the circular economy through information, data and visibility

Patricia Stroup's fight for farmers and sustainable sourcing

Patricia Stroup, CPO for Nestlé, is a fine example of procurement’s pivotal role in the emerging world of ethical and sustainable sourcing

5 Minutes With: Jack Macfarlane, CEO of DeepStream

Procurement Magazine spends five minutes with Jack Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of DeepStream on achieving sustainability and ESG goals

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Procurement

The convergence of Procurement with Artificial Intelligence is changing both procurement and the world itself. Here's how


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