NEC launches blended format for enhanced Project Management

Virtual learning and remote consultation for enhanced NEC4 Project Management in construction and engineering

NEC, the renowned provider of construction procurement contracts, has unveiled an innovative blended format for its NEC4 Project Management Accreditation (PMA).

This initiative aims to broaden accessibility to NEC accreditation and qualifications within the construction and engineering industries.

Managing projects in construction and engineering quickly feeds into procurement activities.

Project management is an essential aspect of procurement activities as it involves managing the procurement process, from defining project requirements to contract negotiation, execution, and contract management.

Then there is project procurement management. Project procurement management is a specific knowledge area within project management that focuses on acquiring the necessary goods, services, or works from external sources to support project execution. It involves the processes, activities, and strategies associated with procurement throughout the project lifecycle.

The NEC’s PMA course is structured to enable this type of project and procurement management in the construction and engineering sectors, with a flexible approach. 

Unlike the traditional four-day, in-person training course, the new blended format combines approximately 30 hours of virtual learning with a single day of tutor-led consultation, conducted remotely.

The online learning component of the course comprises 17 easily digestible modules covering various topics such as risk management, compensation events, schedule of cost components, and dispute resolution.

Interactive case studies and periodic assessments are incorporated throughout the program to enhance knowledge retention, while participants can conveniently track their progress.

NEC has long been at the forefront of collaborative contracting, having introduced the first NEC contract, then known as the "New Engineering Contract," in 1993.

This innovative approach has not only revolutionised the construction industry in the United Kingdom but has also gained widespread recognition globally, with NEC contracts being utilised in diverse regions such as Hong Kong, South Africa, and Australia.

As NEC celebrates its 30th anniversary, the introduction of the new NEC4 project manager accreditation course marks a significant milestone.

Rekha Thawrani, Global Head of NEC, emphasised the importance of accessibility, stating, "NEC qualifications are widely regarded as the gold standard for project management, and this new blended format will allow us to make these courses and qualifications even more accessible to our global customers.

By doing so, we hope to further spread best practice in contract management across construction and engineering, equipping qualified individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to foster collaborative approaches and achieve optimal project outcomes."

The Project Manager Accreditation program equips participants with an advanced skill set, enabling them to confidently and knowledgeably fulfil their roles as NEC project leaders, in line with internationally recognized standards.

Ian Heaphy, NEC Contract Board Member, emphasised the prestigious status of the NEC4 PMA, stating, "The NEC4 PMA is recognized worldwide as NEC's gold standard training. It equips practitioners with the advanced technical and practical skills required for managerial roles on projects.

“Now, with the introduction of the blended format, the PMA delivers the same gold standard experience in an accessible and engaging manner. Delegates can complete the course at their own pace, location, and convenience.

“The program incorporates extensive practical examples and engaging learning techniques to ensure participants are well-prepared for the formal accreditation assessment, including a day of online face-to-face training with expert tutors."

By introducing this blended learning format for the NEC4 Project Management Accreditation, NEC is poised to empower professionals across the globe with the knowledge and capabilities to foster collaborative approaches and drive successful project outcomes in the construction and engineering sectors.


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