Morsl transforms workplace eating culture: Amazon and beyond

Discover how Morsl's health-focused micro-markets create healthier, happier & more productive workplaces through the lens of Amazon Australia

Morsl, Australia’s leading provider of healthy workplace food solutions, is dedicated to enhancing workplace culture, employee engagement and fostering a positive work environment. Founder and CEO, Karla Borland, expresses its mission as transforming workplaces into healthier, happier and more productive spaces.

Borland explains: "We do that via our core offering of self-service cafes (micro markets), providing 24/7 access to fresh and healthy food throughout the entire workday. We also provide coffee, breakroom procurement, event catering and employee engagement events across the entire calendar year."

A testament to Morsl's success is its presence in the massive Amazon BWU2 fulfilment centre in Australia. Kelly Godschalx, Amazon’s Regional Procurement Operations Manager, describes BWU2 as Amazon's largest fulfilment centre in the southern hemisphere. It spans more than 200,000 square metres across four levels. Godschalx highlights Morsl's space efficiency and cost-effectiveness, stating: "Morsl is a very space-efficient and cost-effective solution that allows us to service the fulfilment centre, so that our 1,000+ associates have access to healthy food and beverages, while only taking up a small floor space."

Considering the location of BWU2, in an area with no surrounding food options, an on-site solution was a must. However, choosing Morsl over other options was a strategic decision for Amazon. Site Procurement Manager, Divy Patel, explains that a commercial kitchen was initially considered, but the associated costs were a concern. Divy points to Morsl's clean and modern design, adding:  "If we had installed a kitchen to serve this large team, we would have 50% less breakroom capacity, which was very important during COVID-19 because we had to separate people by two metres. Having Morsl onboarded really helped us to optimise the floor space, and floor is cost, so we were able to reduce our costs as well."

By partnering with Morsl, the BWU2 site team avoided the need to hire an additional person to manage the replenishment of essentials across their 12 breakrooms. This streamlined their operations, allowing them to focus on their primary goal of ‘delivering smiles to customers’. Divy explains:  "Having Morsl on our team made all of that so simple for us, so that we could concentrate on what we are doing." Morsl also collaborates with Amazon nationally to streamline the organisation of employee engagement celebrations and events, such as BWU2’s recent multi-cultural day event, saving time for the procurement team. 

At its core, Morsl’s primary focus is to enhance the health and wellbeing of employees by encouraging healthy eating habits. Good nutrition is particularly important in the industrial space to maintain overall productivity and manage the effects of shift work. Morsl's holistic range of services makes it an ideal partner to meet all on-site food and beverage needs, whilst fostering healthier eating habits, employee engagement and wellbeing. 

Morsl demonstrates its commitment to meeting the needs of the Amazon team by providing a dedicated halal fridge, catering to the diverse workforce of BWU2, as well as actively seeking feedback from employees to constantly tailor its offering. One of Amazon’s core cultural values is the equitable treatment of all associates, and Morsl’s flexible solutions can achieve this with ease, offering the same great level of service to day and night staff alike.



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