Lenovo: Using AI for Resilient Supply Chain and Procurement

How the company is using Lenovo Supply Chain Intelligence for resilient supply chain and procurement

Lenovo is using their Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI) solution to help deliver a more sustainable supply chain and procurement operation.  The system is designed to help the company pre-empt and mitigate risks in their supply base in global markets, and respond to the unexpected.

The company deals with 2000 international suppliers, and needed a solution to remove data from silos and increase access to real-time information to allow them to respond quickly to supply chain risks, and pre-empt any potential issues.  

Lenovo Supply Chain Intelligence 

The SCI strategy was to break down the silos of information that existed within the business, and then infuse their supply chain and procurement operations with real-time information and artificial intelligence.  This project would break down the barriers between systems and stakeholders, to allow for better visibility across the supply chain.  SCI was designed to bring all transactions and management information into a single platform.  

The solution uses AI and machine learning to review data to pre-empt potential risks, and also present potential real-time solutions.  More than 80% of all data inputs that are part of the company supply chain have been integrated into the system, and the system performs 1500 data based tasks daily to reveal intelligence that would be near impossible for human operators to quickly identify.  

“SCI helps me to drive quick, effective, and smart decisions by consolidating all the supply chain data into one platform,” says Helen Li, Executive Director, PC Commodity Supply, Planning, Inventory Management and Strategic Planning, Global Supply Chain, at Lenovo.

Lenovo SCI benefits to customers 

The SCI system is also connecting procurement performance with the satisfaction of customers. When a consumer orders online, the integration with SCI provides real-time delivery estimates based on the availability of the required components. 

“The first thing I do every day is open up SCI. The beauty of SCI is that all data comes from the same source—enabling strong collaboration and alignment across our team as well as Lenovo’s entire supply chain,” said Russell Shimp, Executive Director, WW PC Customer Fulfilment, Lenov

The company is reporting that SCI has contributed to a 4.8% revenue increase and boosted on-time-in-full delivery performance by 5%. They also believe SCI has helped Lenovo to reduce manufacturing and logistics costs by around 20% while simultaneously boosting service performance.

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