Schneider Electric makes 'Resource Advisor ESG' public

Schneider Electric reimagines ESG data and reporting challenges with EcoStruxure Resource Advisor

Schneider Electric, the leading digital partner for efficiency and sustainability, recently launched a new environmental, social and governance (ESG) module for its Resource Advisor platform.

Business leaders can now manage all their ESG, sustainability, and energy data in one place, making it simple to track and interpret data, report out, and identify areas of opportunity, strength, and improvement across an increasingly complex resource landscape. 

Business leaders face growing investor and stakeholder pressures to improve transparency and accountability on ESG, including natural resources management, responsible sourcing practices, and diversity, equity and inclusion.

Companies tackling these initiatives face disclosure requirements from a variety of global frameworks, and must often navigate siloed ESG data, which can make reporting a burden at a time when there is more scrutiny than ever on these disclosures.

Resource Advisor for ESG is built for purpose with robust market research – as a nimble software solution designed to mitigate these challenges -- while streamlining ESG data across the enterprise.

“Our clients face tremendous pressure to take meaningful action on all aspects of ESG, and we know that managing the vast volumes of ESG data they are collecting every year is a daunting proposition,” said Steve Wilhite, President, Sustainability Business, Schneider Electric. “This new functionality in Resource Advisor is designed to simplify and centralize this data management to make it easier for companies to share progress with stakeholders and demonstrate the real actions they are taking on ESG.”

ESG data

Resource Advisor ESG is purpose built for client initiatives

Cloud-based, AI-driven Resource Advisor equips leaders to make smarter decisions by getting their arms around data that live in scattered systems throughout the enterprise.

This solution will set teams up to: 

  • Align with global frameworks: The new module contains a built-in global framework library that includes the most common ESG frameworks (GRI, SASB, CDP, TCFD, and UN SDGs) and allows clients to align specific indicators to relevant frameworks directly in the platform, simplifying the reporting process.
  • Interpret ESG data with maximum context: Resource Advisor ESG empowers companies to document and analyze everything, from performance statements, comments, attachments and more for increased transparency and auditability.
  • Enable enhanced collaboration: The software acts as a centralized collaboration hub, helping firms move away from emails and spreadsheets. Flexible user permissions ensure companies don’t compromise collaboration for data quality. ​
  • Own the ESG narrative: Organizations can now communicate clearly to stakeholders knowing they have the most up-to-date data across the span of their organization.

As standardisation and regulations continue to mature, the need for agile software tools that will conform to new realities of the ESG landscape is imperative. “Our product and technology teams take a customer-centric approach to software enhancements, ensuring that our solutions solve the needs of both today’s and tomorrow’s customer. Resource Advisor will help leaders navigate and manage emerging demands around ESG data management and reporting as the ESG landscape evolves,” continued Wilhite.

Schneider Electric is a world-class ESG partner

The new Resource Advisor for ESG module is complemented by Schneider’s leading consulting services in energy, sustainability, and ESG, which include the strategic ESG Exchange, board-level ESG training, materiality assessments, fully managed ESG reporting, and compliance and rating disclosures.

Schneider Electric is also itself a leader in ESG, with recent ratings in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, Moody’s ESG Solutions, and Vigeo Eiris validating the company’s position.


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