Hutchinson selects Ivalua's eProcurement for optimisation

Hutchinson selects Ivalua's eProcurement for optimisation
Smart solution designer and manufacturing company Hutchinson partners with Ivalua's eProcurement solution to drive efficiency and globalise indirect spend

Hutchinson, an acclaimed global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of smart mobility solutions for diverse industries such as automotive, aerospace, defence, and rail, has partnered with Ivalua, one of the foremost names in spend management solutions.

The collaboration aims to expand the scope of Hutchinson's existing procurement system and cater to their evolving procurement needs.

This strategic decision reflects Hutchinson's commitment to digital transformation and its focus on optimising procurement processes to drive greater efficiency and control over indirect spend.

Headquartered in Paris, France, Hutchinson boasts an impressive global presence, with approximately 40,000 employees across 100 sites in 25 countries.

In the fiscal year of 2022, the company achieved a remarkable revenue of €4.400bn (US$4.785bn), solidifying its position as a key player in the industry.

Digitalisation journey with Ivalua

Hutchinson embarked on its digitalisation journey back in 2014 when it implemented Ivalua's supplier relationship management and spend analysis modules.

Recognising the value derived from the partnership, the company has now taken a step further by expanding its procurement capabilities through the incorporation of Ivalua's eProcurement solution. 

The move is aimed at streamlining and digitalising Hutchinson's indirect procurement processes.

Widening the scope

With the integration of Ivalua's eProcurement software, Hutchinson is poised to achieve significant enhancements in its procurement operations.

The expansion project will see the user base for eProcurement double from 4,000 across Europe to an impressive 8,000 globally.

The scalability and flexibility of Ivalua's solution make it an ideal choice for supporting Hutchinson's growth objectives and catering to the varying requirements across different countries and industries where Hutchinson operates.

Optimising procurement processes

Ivalua's eProcurement platform offers a seamless and intuitive e-commerce experience, enabling Hutchinson to streamline and globalise its purchase requisitions.

Leveraging the platform's capabilities, Hutchinson will be able to digitise and automate large volumes of purchase orders, simplifying the receiving processes and enhancing budget tracking.

The implementation of Ivalua's holistic approach ensures that Hutchinson's procurement teams gain greater visibility and control over indirect spend, fostering improved decision-making and increased operational efficiencies.

Empowering Hutchinson through Digitalisation

Erwan Le Belléguy, Corporate Purchasing Quality and Digital Manager at Hutchinson, expressed the company's excitement about the transformative impact of Ivalua's eProcurement solution.

"Ivalua's eProcurement solution will empower us through greater visibility and better control over our indirect spend," Le Belléguy explains.

By leveraging the power of digitalised workflows and Ivalua's comprehensive solution, Hutchinson anticipates simplifying and optimising its indirect purchasing processes in alignment with the specific requirements across countries and industries.

Supporting digital transformation

Daniel Amzallag, Ivalua's Chief Operating Officer (COO), emphasises the value of Ivalua's partnership with Hutchinson. Amzallag highlights the transparency offered by Ivalua's solution, which enables Hutchinson's procurement teams to streamline indirect purchasing activities and drive business efficiencies.

The long-standing partnership between the two companies, combined with the flexibility of Ivalua's unified solution, positions Ivalua perfectly to support Hutchinson's ongoing digital transformation efforts and long-term strategic plans.

Hutchinson's selection of Ivalua's eProcurement software represents a significant step forward in their quest for optimising procurement processes.

With this strategic partnership, Hutchinson is poised to achieve improved visibility, control and efficiency across its global procurement operations. 

Ivalua's robust eProcurement platform, combined with Hutchinson's dedication to digitalisation, sets the stage for a successful collaboration that will drive transformative results for Hutchinson.

By leveraging Ivalua's user-friendly e-commerce experience, Hutchinson aims to unlock new levels of efficiency in purchase requisitions, automate a substantial volume of purchase orders, simplify receiving processes, and enhance budget tracking capabilities.

The expansion of Hutchinson's procurement capabilities through Ivalua's eProcurement software marks a pivotal moment in their digital transformation journey, and both the scalability and adaptability of Ivalua's solution perfectly align with Hutchinson's growth objectives, ensuring that their procurement processes remain agile and responsive to evolving market demands.


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