ExxonMobil Procurement: Inclusive Sourcing & Sustainability

While prioritising ESG, ExxonMobil’s procurement strategy ensures supplier expectations align with standards and compliance is rigorously enforced

When it comes to operating one of the largest energy companies in the world, ExxonMobil ensures its procurement approach is robust and resilient.

Made up of almost 2,000 people, ExxonMobil’s procurement function lays a foundation which is critical to guaranteeing corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Giving an overview of ExxonMobil’s supply chain’s mission, the company says it works to promote inclusive sourcing, the respect of human rights and is actively working to reduce impacts to the environment. ‘We seek to work with suppliers that share our commitment,’ the company declares.

The importance of procurement at ExxonMobil

Speaking with Beroe, ExxonMobil’s Vice President Global Procurement Pamela Skaufel emphasised the crucial role played by an energy company’s procurement function both for the business itself and the wider sector. She said that, by ensuring a reliable supply of equipment, materials and services, operational efficiency, project execution and competitiveness are vastly improved. 

“We have responsibility for the full value chain,” she explained. “Compared to other oil and gas industries or other energy industries, where they may be focused on potentially one part of the value chain, we are sourcing everything for the entire value chain.”

Pamela is one of 100 women in procurement celebrated in Procurement Magazine’s Top 100 Women supplement

“Getting comfortable with discomfort is part of being in a procurement role,” she told the publication in honour of Women’s History Month. “Driving value is increasingly challenging but the flip side is — our talent, business acumen and desire to win has increased. It is my honour to lead our organisation of 1,900 people of procurement professionals at ExxonMobil, who are adding value every day.”

ExxonMobil’s procurement team is actively involved in driving business objectives, especially in areas such as cost-savings. Its involvement helps identify strategies for enhancing competitiveness and sourcing essential products.

She continued: “The ultimate goal is to ensure that the business can rely on procurement and factor in its contributions into planning and financial projections. Because we have such a large spend, it's really important that we're doing everything that we can to maximise the scale of ExxonMobil.”

ExxonMobil’s procurement branch is key to reliable, sustainable and innovative energy 

Darren W Woods, Chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil’s success as a leading energy provider is underpinned by its procurement practices. Its approach and results are integral to its ability to deliver reliable, sustainable and innovative energy solutions, a delivery that is constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing and growing demand for its services. This, in turn, contributes to the company’s long-term business success.

As the largest oil and gas producer in the US, the company has invested in developing new energy resources for decades in a bid to meet society’s growing needs. This is not possible without ExxonMobil’s tight-knit supply chain and the work of its procurement teams to ensure all necessary goods and services for its operations are available.

Darren W Woods, Chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil, said: “Access to reliable and affordable energy is essential to our daily lives and underpins economic and social progress around the world. ExxonMobil is proud to contribute to this progress by reliably supplying the energy the world needs, strengthening global energy security and playing a leading role in the energy transition.”


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