The art of indirect procurement at PepsiCo

The remarkable journey of procurement master Christina Lascaris: leading the way in indirect procurement and driving sustainable growth and innovation

Christina Lascaris is an accomplished professional in the field of procurement, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise acquired through diverse roles across various market segments. Her impressive career journey has led her to her current position as the Senior Director of Indirect Procurement Europe at PepsiCo, where she continues to make significant contributions to the company's success.

Having joined PepsiCo in 2012, Lascaris started as the Global Procurement Director for Western Europe, focusing on Indirect Procurement. Throughout the years, she has consistently demonstrated exceptional skills and leadership, earning promotions to esteemed positions within the organisation.

Her exceptional performance led to her appointments as the Global Procurement Director for Manufacturing Services & Supplies, Energy, and Indirect Services.

In her present capacity, Lascaris holds the critical responsibility of overseeing the procurement of seasonings and ingredients across Europe for PepsiCo.

This vital role entails developing and executing strategies that align with PepsiCo's global nutritional and functional food strategy.

Lascaris brings with her a rich tapestry of experiences from her illustrious career. Prior to joining PepsiCo, she held prominent positions at Plastic Omnium as the Europe Indirect Purchasing Manager and at Roche as the Packaging & Raw Materials Purchasing Manager.

These roles allowed her to gain invaluable expertise in various facets of procurement and supply chain management.

A hallmark of her career is her proficiency in transforming indirect organisations. She has consistently delivered exceptional results by enhancing procurement productivity, devising effective sourcing strategies, and implementing best-in-class procure-to-pay processes.

Her astute business acumen and meticulous approach have made her an instrumental figure in driving due diligence, change management, and process optimisation initiatives.

Complementing her extensive professional experience, Lascaris holds two esteemed university degrees. She obtained a master's degree in Biology, Biochemistry, Environment & Ecotoxicology, which equipped her with a deep understanding of scientific principles and environmental considerations.

Not content to stop there, she pursued an MBA specialising in Purchasing, Finance, Management & Marketing, further strengthening her knowledge and expertise in the realm of procurement and business strategy.

Her passion for her work, coupled with her unwavering dedication, has garnered her a reputation as a procurement expert and influential leader within the industry.

Her ability to navigate complex procurement challenges, adapt to dynamic market conditions, and foster collaborations with cross-functional teams has been instrumental in driving the success of PepsiCo's Indirect Procurement Europe division.

As Lascaris continues to excel in her role at PepsiCo, she remains committed to leveraging her expertise and experience to advance the company's procurement strategies, foster innovation, and drive sustainable growth. 

Her unwavering pursuit of excellence and her continuous drive for professional development make her a formidable force in the field of procurement, ensuring PepsiCo's continued success in the highly competitive global market.


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